9/13/21 – AO Mastodon: Ruck + IPC

18 PAX showed up for a modified version of the “You do You” Monday workout. 13 chose to post early (0515 startex) in order to have plenty of time to complete this week’s IronPAX Challenge, and 5 chose to strap some weight on and ruck around the AO.

After a brief Warm-o-Rama (SSH IC – 20, Abe Vigodas IC 10, Arm Circles IC – 10F, 10R, Michael Phelps OYO), the IPC group headed to the base of Hoffa where YHC had measured out the required 160ft distance.

Thang 1: IronPAX Challenge – Week 2: 4 Rounds for time
Round 1: 8 burpees, sprint to other end, 8 burpees, sprint back, repeat for total of 11 sets of burpees. Total of 88 burpees.
Round 2: 8 Squrls (squat curl combo), block carry to other end, 8 Squrls, block carry back, repeat for a total of 11 sets. Total of 88 Squrls.
Round 3: 88 Overhead presses, Rifle Carry block to other end, 88 Overhead presses, Rifle Carry back. Total of 176 OHPs.
Round 4: 88 X-Factors, Bear Crawl to other end, 88 X-Factors, Crawl Bear back. Total of 176 X-Factors. (most PAX chose to Crawl Bear first, then Bear Crawl back)

Thang 2:
Since we finished so “quickly,” @Tortuga helped YHC decide that we should run up Hoffa. So we did. Twice. The second time up we circled up for some You-Call-It Mary. We went around the circle with each PAX calling out an exercise to perform for 5 reps. Time was called, and we collected our coupons and moseyed back to the flag.

The Ruckers arrived at the flag at about the same time. They finished with about 2.5mi total distance.

COT: @Cookies (ruck), @Minnie (ruck), @Bloomer (IPC), @Big Mac (IPC), @8-Track (ruck), @Hotbox (IPC), @Jolly (IPC), @Zoro (IPC), @SAGA (IPC), @Panda Express (IPC), @Sparrow (IPC), @Panhandle (IPC), @T-bone (IPC), @Jailbreak (Ruck), @Tortuga (IPC), @Shiplap (IPC), @Banks (IPC), @Crack (IPC, Q)