Backblast for 9/28 EC Late-Late Service Beatdown: “Bataan Death March Duo” (SOLO EC WITH M)

(I know this doesn’t technically count for a proper F3 event since there was only one PAX present, but wanted to backblast about it, to show you guys I’m still trying to stay on the ball and get in a workout despite anxiety and sleep being a major hinderance right now)

Backblast for EC Late-Late Service Beatdown

“Bataan Death March Duo”

PAX who posted:

  1. Jäzz Händz + M

M went for a run at 10:45am between work projects, asked if I’d like to join. I regretted not having a reprisal of @Cookies ‘ Tuesday EC workout at 6:30 am this morning, so this was a great makeup option.


Imperial Walkers

Bat wings (while walking)

(arm circles, overhead claps, seal claps, michael phelps)

Thang 1

Bataan Death March – Duo Edition

M began her run. YHC dropped and did 10 merkins. Sprinted to catch up. Resumed a slow mosey with her until her next checkpoint. She walked/ran in roughly 1:30-2:00 spurts, so between each of those phases I did either 10 Merkins or 25 LBCs.

Ended up doing a 25 minute run with 5 sets of 10 merkins, and 5 sets of 25 LBCs spread out between, with sprinting to catch up. Covered 1.7 miles in the Wheaton suburbs. Heart rate was going strong, sweat was flowing. Good mid-morning EC working for me, glad I was able to stay on it.


Listen to your wife. She loves you, and if she suggests coming for a run with her because she knows it’ll be good for you, do it. But push yourself further: show her how hard you can work, show her what F3 helps you accomplish, and show her your strength that comes from the camaraderie of all you HIMs. Show her you can work hard, and that you’re willing to do it with/for her. She’ll be impressed, you’ll get a good workout, and your bond and time spent together will be greater and deeper.