Song Challenge Workout

Date: Saturday, 10/23/21 @ 7am
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Heist @Double Beef ‘n Cheddar @TBTF @Bad Debt @Jäzz Händz @cheetah @Bloomer Q: @Bloomer

Conditions: getting frosty

Warm-Up: Motivators/ Imperial Walkers/
Sumo squat walk/ Abe Vigodas/
Leg swings/ Stretch on own

The Thang: Mosey around the AO and every 1/4 mile we stopped for a song exercise challenge. We stopped and busted out the following song challenges.
1. Will Smith – “Switch” – hold squat for choruses. Lunge walk 1st verse, stepback lunges 2nd verse, side lunges 3rd verse, in out 3:30 2. I got up – Push Up song: complete push ups to words and hold plank in between 3. Bring sally up – squat down and up
4. “I get knocked down” song – burpee on the get down part and run in place in between
5. Cupid shuffle – plank during song and follow the instructions as the song plays. – to the left, to the right, now kick and so on

We moseyed to the park for two 4 minute tabata rounds of dips and pick your own ab workout

Finished up with 4 minutes of stretching

COT: prayers for @Jolly & @Tortuga & @SAGA for physical recovery and healing.

Moleskin: Love your enemies.