RUCK GONE BAD (Heck Week Day 1)

Date: Monday, 10/25/21
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Banks @8-Track @Panhandle @Katniss @Maj Crunch @Tortuga @Sparrow @Jolly @Big Mac @Archive @T-bone @Ranger Rick @Da Vinci @SAGA
FNGs: 0
Total: 14

Conditions: rain with a strike of lightening

Warm-Up: Exercise 1: Halloween arm circles / Exercise 2: The Thriller (complete with burpees, side straddle hops, goofballs, squats, slow merkins)

The Thang: in a fitting Heck Week omen, a strike of lightening lit up the sky as we came to the end of our Thriller WOR. Not to be deterred, we gathered our rucks and two sandbags and moseyed over to the S.H.O.P. On the way we acquired four gravestones (in the shape of coupons) left at the base of Hoffa. Also found an extra-large sandbag to take with us. The following ensued: broke the PAX into twos with a coupon or sandbags for each pair. Completed the following: 1) 300 reps of curls between the pair – while one curled the other did dips, 2) 200 reps of big boy situps – the other PAX did box jumps, 3) 200 reps of skull crushers – the other PAX did squats, 4) All PAX together: 150 reps of blockees on the 4 coupons while everyone else did burpees, 5) ended with 20 burpees each – also completed 20 more burpees during the beatdown due to a downed flag 2x.

Announcement 1: help @Sparrow move on Saturday at 10am!
Announcement 2: find an accountability partner

COT: prayers for @Da Vinci’s aunt, @T-bone’s friends and the loss of their sister, @SAGA’s student who had a sister who attempted suicide

Moleskin: A challenge is an opportunity to get stronger.