Wednesday October 27th, 2021 – Do Hard Things!

Backblast: "Do Hard Things"
Date: Wednesday, 10/27/21
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Jolly @Banks @Tortuga @Panhandle @SAGA @Archive @Cookies @Hotbox @T-bone @Milk Duds @Katniss @Shiplap @8-Track @Da Vinci @Bloomer @Crack @wet burrito @Heist
FNGs: 0
Q: @Banks
Total: 18
25x SSH IC
15x Windmills IC
10x Slow Squats
5x Slow Burpees (aka @T-bone burpees)We broke into 2 columns and moseyed south to the prairie path to begin the dayThang 1: 5 Alive!
We started at the first light pole and did 1 burpee, then added 1 rep at each light pole after. Once an exercise gets to 5, at the next light pole you add on the next exercise until at the end you do 5x burpees, 5x Merkins, 5x Star Jumps, 5x Dive Bombers, and 5x Squats for a total of 115 burpees, 90 Merkins, 65 Star Jumps, 40 Dive Bombers and 15 Squats.We then moseyed back to the flag to pick up the late groupThang 2: 3 MOM
60x Flutter Kicks ICFrom there we moseyed to the park for thang 3!Thang 3: Flat Tire
Partner up with someone of equal size and shape. One partner would hold the others legs while they completed 4 steps on their hands and then 1 Derkin. The reps increased and partners traded off until each had completed 40 steps on their hands and 10 Derkins.Thang 4: Bearpees
After the flat tire was complete, we all did bearpees(4 Bear Crawls then 1 Burpee) to the circle.Thang 5: Dan Taylor
We spread out past the circle and did Dan Taylors to 8, then we met up at the sign at the end of Lake Ellyn.Thang 6: Fireman Carry
Grab your partner from before and alternate carrying each other back to the track on the other side of the LakeThang 7: Jack Webbs
We all circled up and completed Jack Webbs to 10. (1x Merkin, 4 overhead claps progressing to 10x Merkins and 40x Overhead claps)3 MOM
We then moseyed to the flags and circled up for some Mary
25x Oblique Crunches IC (Each Side)
25x Double Crunch ICCOT: Prayers for bodies that work, healing PAX, the joy of meeting together in the morning. Praise for @Panhandle getting his program approved. Prayers for @Crack & @K-pop as he is working through challenges at schoole.Moleskin: Do hard things. Let go of comfort and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. It is only through facing hard things that we put the rest of our lives into perspective and allows us to do anything. Thank you all for indulging me and getting up early for an extended beatdown. You all challenged yourselves today and are better for it!