Ski Season Workout

Backblast: Ski Season Workout
Date: 12/04/21
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Captain Crunch (AJ)@SAGA@TBTF@Beaker@Hotbox@Panda Express@Hancock@Jäzz Händz@Tortuga@Sparrow
Q: @Ralphy *VQ
Total: 11WOR: Side straddle hops IC (x20)
Abe Vigodas IC (x10)
Picking Daisies
Michael PhelpsThang 1:
Cross country skiing mixed with moguls in the form of…
Black Snake (indian run while weaving through PAX) around the softball field and Hoffa part of the AO.Thang 2:
We hit the slopes. Pax had to complete one each of the following "routes" (increasing in difficulty) before being free to choose.
:large_green_circle:– 10 Lt. Dans, 10 overhead presses, run up Hoffa
:large_blue_square:– 10 blockees, 5 mucho leg-o’s, 10 curls, run up Hoffa x2
:black-diamond:– 20 merkins, 10 American hammers, 10 Bobby Hurleys, murder bunny up Hoffa
:black-diamond::black-diamond:– 15 coupon swings, 15 thrusters, 20 merkins, murder bunnies up Hoffa x2A prize was awarded to the PAX who completed the most routes with the most value going to the harder routes. @Bloomer crushed the workout and went home with new send-o-vision glasses.COT: @Tortuga‘s sister, @Beaker’s family following the death of his M’s grandma*Thanks to the PAX for supporting my VQ on a Saturday morning!