Backblast: We ran in circles and did stuff

Date: 3/15/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Shiplap @Panhandle @Crack @Jolly @SAGA @Tortuga @Sparrow @8-Track @TBTF @Beaker
FNGs: 0
Q: @Beaker
Total: 10WoR:

· Mosey to baseball diamond

· 5 T-bone burpees

· Arm circles (x10 ic)

· Bear crawl to SHOP

· Michael Phelps (OYO)

· Mosey to island

The ThangPAX divided in to partners.
In partners, each pair completed the assigned reps of one exercise. They then ran opposite directions around the short loop (~0.75 mi for the round trip). When they met, they completed the assigned reps of the exercise again, and returned the way that they came.Assigned reps/exercises:
50 Lunges (2 is 1)
100 Merkins
150 bbsu
200 Overhead claps
150 flutter kicks
100 squats
50 burpees

A quote from a podcast I was listening to the other day, "The formula for satisfaction is not getting what you want, it is wanting what you have. We don’t need a ‘haves’ management strategy, we need a ‘wants’ management strategy."

One ‘wants’ management strategy is to practice gratitude for the good gifts we do have. It is easy to become unhappy with the details of life. to combat this, I encourage the PAX to start of every day with a prayer of gratitude for the many big things we have in life to be thankful for, including our Ms, 2.0s, jobs, homes, and most importantly, the gracious gift of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Prayers for @Cookies and family as they deal with a positive COVID test, prayers for traveling mercies as @Crack, his M, and his daughter travel to England on Friday, and prayers for the situation in Ukraine.