AO Mastadon Late Service Beatdown

Date: Saturday, 3/26/22
AO: #ao_mastodonPAX: @Hancock @Archive @Da Vinci @Bo-Peep @pillow mint @Jailbreak @WATER WINGSFNGs: 0
Q: @Hancock
Total: 7

Conditions: 31 ºF and wet, somewhat mushy ground


  • 20 SSH
  • Arm circles, forward and backward
  • Picking daisies OYO


  • Mosey to basketball courts
  • Suicides – BBSU’s. Hit 100 reps between you and your partner
  • Suicides – merkins. Hit 200 reps
  • Mosey back to flagpole
  • Grab coupons, head to base of Hoffa
  • Murder bunny x 2
  • Partner 1 curls, partner 2 runs up hill. Hit 200 reps combined.
  • Mosey to Dan Taylor alley. Do Dan Taylors
  • Mosey back to flagpole after collecting our coupons


  • Ukraine
  • Pillow Mint’s sister-in-law starting to battle cancer again
  • Jazz Hands health
  • Hancock’s home search
  • Hancock’s M’s masters degree


  • The caricature of the Old Testament God is angry, vengeful, and merciless. I can be like that to my 2.0’s when I get angry, sadly. Ezekiel 47 & 48 shows God promising to be coming to the Israelites as they are worshipping other things. Even in their rebellion, He shows love and mercy and compassion. Model your fatherhood after the real God, not the caricature.
  • Also Ezekiel 47 & 48, water flows from the temple, and life springs up everywhere. This is a direct reference to Jesus as the “living water.” Wherever He is invited in, life springs up. Invite him into your family and fatherhood.