Noodles’ IPC Refreshed

Date: Saturday, 4/9/2022
AO: Mastodon
PAX: @Pink Drink, @Bo-Peep, @pillow mint, @Crack, @Captain Crunch (AJ), @wet burrito, @Hancock, @TBTF, @WATER WINGS, @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Noodles
Total: 10
Conditions: The day was bright, sunny and chilly. Parking was limited due to 5K taking place.
Warm-Up: Motivators x7, Batwings x7, Rocky Balboas 1 minute, Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Refreshed

I dug up an IPC beatdown from 2020. There are only 2 exercises involved: merkins and squats.

The beatdown started with 400m around the path circling the baseball field.

Then PAX alternated exercises in the following manner:

400m to start
100 merkins
90 squats
80 merkins
70 squats
60 merkins
50 squats
40 merkins
30 squats
20 merkins
10 squats
800m (2 laps) for the finish

Nobody finished. That’s because each lap was to be done carrying your coupon except for starting and finishing laps. I ended up calling time.

Arm Circles Front/Back
Moroccan Nightclubs
Raise the Roof
Watch TV (plank with hands under chin as you would do when watching TV)

CoT: Prayers for @Crash as he deals with current back injury. Prayers for @Crack and the rest of his family as they take on this difficult time with Crash. Help them be the support that Crash needs. Help Crash remain positive and motivated. Prayers for @Captain Crunch (AJ) and the rest of the PAX taking tonight’s 25 mile ruck.

Moleskin: Today I spoke about my lack of motivation after dealing with my heel injury. My heel feels much better. Today, I asked PAX to remind themselves of why they come out to F3 and the physical aspect of it. It’s easy to get lost in your own bubble. PAX don’t have to be the most fit nor is there shame in being the 6. Come to F3 with your own goal. If you’re the 6, wake up, focus on the HIM in front of you, the stone or park light coming up. Next time, it’ll be the PAX, stone or light after. We will all get better. If you’re a front runner, look behind you and see how you can motivate and push that person. When I struggle, I know that I can show up to F3 and push myself knowing that there are PAX here to motivate me.