Backblast: Beaker is a Joker

Date: Thursday, 06/16/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Halfman @LouGee @Jolly @Panda Express @Aloha @Hancock @Big Mac @Captain Crunch (AJ) @8-Track @LeMond @TBTF Double Dip (welcome) @Crash @Beaker
FNGs: 1 – Double Dip
Q: @Beaker
Total: 14

@Beaker drew the joker. Frisbees were put away. @Jolly whined.

Motivators (ic, x7)
Tappy taps (ic, x7)
Michael Phelps
5 T-Bone burpees

The Thang:
-Mosey to Hoffa
-3 manrises after the 3rd manrise, return to the middle of the hill.
-Make a circle and face uphill. Perform 10 ic merkins in facing uphill (West). Perform 10 more ic merkins in each of the remaining cardinal directions: N, W, and S.
-1 more manrise, stay on the top of Hoffa.
-20 batwings a the top of Hoffa
-20 Moroccan night clubs
-Mosey to Cooties and split into groups of "4". We set up 3 stations and exercises to perform at each station.
Cooties = pullups
Swings = atomic merkins
Picnic tables = picnic table presses
One team member starts at each station. The fourth member starts at cooties. The first three members start performing reps as the last runs to the swings to relieve the PAX that is working out. The relieved PAX runs to the picnic tables they switch again. This PAX returns to Cooties to complete the cycle. Each team is responsible for 200 reps at each station.
-1 more manrise.

COT: @Crash‘s trip, @Halfman‘s father-in-law’s health