6/27/22 “You Do You Monday”

Backblast: "You Do You Monday"
Date: 6/27/22
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Warm-o-Rama: Scatman WOR
Thang1: YDY, runners did both Wheaton parking garagesMoleskin: When we hear the phrase “love your enemy,” we tend to think of Jesus’ admonition to have charity even for those we might otherwise despise. But we can also use it in a very different sense. We can love the role an “enemy” — whether an outward competitor or an inward weakness — plays in our lives. We can recognize that without the gravity of strength-building resistance, we’d be unmoored, enervated, non-entities. We can feel gratitude for the refining role of opposition: Thank you for revealing my vulnerabilities; for keeping me humble; for showing me how not to be; for lighting a fire in my belly; for making me better than I was.
COT: Prayers for Saga’s friend who lost his son, @T-bone s foot.