Backblast: Tour de Mastodon

Date: 10/01/22

AO: ao_mastodon
PAX: Hancock Bloomer Carmen Jailbreak Noodles Captain Crunch (Sisyphus) TBTF Spokes
FNGs: 0
Q: Hancock
Total: 8

Conditions: 50 degrees, sunny, fog early in the workout

Warm-up: SSH, mountain climbers, T-bone burpees, picking daisies

Thang 1: run to Dan Taylor alley. 1st bridge cross on your hands. 2nd bridge bear crawl.

Thang 2: Dan Taylors across field

Thang 3: Run back to (missing) flagpole & take coupons to COOTEEs

Thang 4: Partner exercises. Pull-ups & merkins, then LBCs & goblet squats

Thang 5: mosey to pool house parking lot
• More partner exercises. Farmer carry across parking lot & burpees.
• Suicides

Thang 6: mosey with coupons to Hoffa & recover with a redrum.

Moleskin: Proverbs 17:9 “Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.”

We forgive a friend, not for some small slight, but a major screw-up. This is grace. But to harp on it in your head, over and over, or to remind that friend “you know, I totally let you slide on that…” will drive a wedge between you two. If you’re going to give grace, give it. Because, really, if you’re going to receive grace, you would want to actually be given grace.

CoT: Prayers for our health, for injured pax Da Vinci Banks T-bone @Big Mac, for stress on our lives, be it financial, marital, job, whatever, for Ukraine, and gratefulness for our brothers in F3/Christ we do life with and lean on one another