Backblast: It Looked Good on Paper
Date: 10/06/2022
AO: #ao_ground_zero
PAX: @wet burrito, @Jolly, @Spokes, @Tortuga, @Hancock, @Giggles, @T-bone, @Dogear, @Pool Boy, @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @LeMond
Total: 10
1. Warmorama: 5 mins
a. Imperial Walkers
b. Windmills
c. Monkey humpers
d. In unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps 6- 21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice.
e. Penalty is 10 8-ct body builders
2. Pre-thang: All about the Benjamins, OYO
1. 25 Curls for the Girls, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Squats, 25 Walking Lunges back to your coupon, 25 Overhead Press, 25 Walking Lunges, 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Walking Lunges back.
3. Thang 1: Parking lot drills
Paint the line: squat at bottom of each line
a. Jog back to start
b. Ski jumps
c. Up downs
4. Thang 2: Catch Me if You Can
From base of Hoffa, 5 diamond merkins, then catch man with block.
a. To return: 5 diamond merkins, then catch man doing murder bunnies
5. Thang3: rifle carry up Hoffa, Blocktanamo
a. PAX, in a circle, hold standard 8x8x16 concrete blocks straight out in front of them while one PAX sets down his block to run inside the circle pressing down on the others blocks. The next PAX sets his block down as soon as the guy next to him is on the move. Ends when the final PAX completes his lap. Works both clockwise and counterclockwise. A modified version of a PAX favorite, Guantanamo.
6. Mary
American Hammers
In a famous passage, the seventeenth-century Anglican clergyman Jeremy Taylor defined prayer using a series of metaphors, which culminated in the image of a lark:
Prayer is the peace of our spirit, the stillness of our thoughts, the evenness of recollection, the seat of meditation, the rest of our cares, and the of our tempest; prayer is the issue of a quiet mind, of untroubled thoughts, it is the daughter of charity and the sister of meekness; and he that prays to God with an angry, that is, with a troubled and discomposed spirit, is like him that retires into a battle to meditate, and sets up his closet in the outquarters of an army, and chooses a frontier-garrison to be wise in. Anger is a perfect alienation of the mind from prayer, and therefore is contrary to that attention which presents our prayers in a right line to God. For so have seen a lark rising from his bed of grass, and soaring upwards, singing as he rises, and hopes to get to heaven, and climb above the clouds; but the poor bird was beaten back with the loud sighings of an eastern wind, and his motion made irregular and unconstant, descending more at every breath of the tempest than it could recover by the liberation and frequent weighing of his wings: till the little creature was forced to sit down and pant, and stay till the storm was over; and then it made a prosperous flight, and did rise and sing, as if it had learned music and motion from an angel as he passed sometimes through the air about his ministries here below.