Backblast! JOKER’S WILD

Date: Tuesday, 12/06/22
AO: #ao_mastodon)
PAX: @Jolly @T-bone @Panhandle @Pool Boy @Katniss @Tortuga @Beaker @Spokes @Spit Valve @Maniac @Da Vinci @Hancock @Captain Crunch @8-Track @SAGA
FNGs: 0
Total: 16

Conditions: A glorious Midwest morning to watch a Joker be born…
Warm-Up: Goof Balls / Tappy-Taps / Leg Stretch / Mt. Climbers / Sally Squats (w/coupons for second half of song)

The Thang:
1) Cooties: with partners – each PAX complete 30 pull-ups. While one is doing pull-ups, the other is doing flutters.

2) Rifle Carry to Hoffa


4) 11s w/ squats & burpees

5) A race over the two bridges and back


Mary: 4 is 1 Flutters via a 51 count of @Panhandle madness!

check #2nd-f for upcoming December gathering @ 6pm on the 17th
mark your calendars now for a Jan 7th @ 7pm event with Ms at SAGA’s house

MOLESKIN: @Da Vinci “graced” us with some marvelous truths from Q-Source.
I called us to “Be Good. Do Good.” And drew attention to the fact that Christ is not an idea but a man who died and shed blood that we might see what a good life is.

Prayers for @Spokes M’s sister pregnancy, @Archive’s baby and loss in the family, @Jolly’s M’s pinched nerve