Backblast: Camera Park: merkins in the moonlight

Backblast: Camera Park: merkins in the moonlight
Date: 2/2/2022
AO: #downrange
PAX: @Crack @Beaker @bumble @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @LeMond
Total: 4
1. Warmorama: 5 mins
a. SSHs
b. Imperial Walkers
c. Windmills
d. Arm circles, overhead claps
e. Back-stepping lunges
2. Merkin Mile
1. Regular
2. Peter Parker
3. Alligator
4. Clock Merkins
5. Dive bomber merkins.
6. Merkin with one-armed row
7. Uneven merkins on steps.
8. One-legged merkin
9. Diamond merkins.
10. Wide merkins.
3. Hero’s Journey Challenge: 3 sets under roof, 10 mins
a. 10 4-ct high knees
b. 10 4-ct squats
c. 10 4-ct alternate shoulder taps
d. 10 4-ct mountain climbers
e. 10 4-ct fire hydrants
4. Swerkins
a. P1 hangs
b. P2 does 10 swerkins, switch
c. Two rounds
5. 7s up the hill with burpees and leg lifts
6. At top of hill, Pax circle up and do cumulative 100 groiners.
7. Mary:
a. Reachups
b. American Hammers
8. Moleskin:
Discussed a regular withdrawal from regular life, even if it is for only 5 to 10 minutes, just as Jesus did when he went out early in the morning to pray.