More power baby!

Date: 02/09/23
: #ao_mastodon
: @Pool Boy @Sparrow @Stock boy @Jolly @Tortuga @Gummi Bear @Dogear @Dilbert
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: @Dilbert
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  • SSH
  • Goofballs
  • Arm circles
  • @T-bone burpees

The Thang
Pax trekked to The Shop for shelter and to do some EMOM work. Each minute consisted of two exercises: the first being a strength exercise, the second being an explosive exercise of a similar movement. We completed 4 rounds of the following exercises pairings:

  1. 4 blockees, 8 burpees
  2. 6 one arm merkins (with coupon assist), 12 clap merkins
  3. 7 thrusters, 15 squat jumps
  4. 8 alternating lunges with coupon, 16 Bonnie Blaires
  5. 10 single arm rows, 25 bent over rows
  6. 15 calf raises with coupon, 30 straight leg jumps

After the 2nd round of the above exercises, the PAX took a break and did some work on the glory muscles:

  • 20 shoulder presses
  • 30 bicep curls
  • 40 skull crushers

Baby steps are good. I wanted to get my 3 year old daughter up on some skis during our trip this past weekend. Fortunately, I sought out wisdom from a YouTube ski dad who gave me a reality check on my expectations for this first time out. So rather than getting on a bunny hill, my only goal was to get her on skis and guide her up and down a gentle decline at the base. We lasted 20 minutes, but it was a great experience that left her wanting more (pic below capturing some baby step happiness). So if you’re building a new skill or habit, and are having trouble getting started: check your expectations, think baby steps and get excited about the progress… however small it might be.
@Pool Boy’s daughter. Looking to finish up antibiotics. Praise God for helping them get to this point, and pray that her healing completes.