Desert Fathers with Neil Diamond

Backblast: Desert Fathers with Neil Diamond
Date: 3/2/2023
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Warmorama to Neil Diamond Soilitary Man (and other songs throughout) 

Thang: It took three years but we have concluded working through the entire Sayings of the Desert Fathers alphabetized. PAX choose from MILD WILD OR CHILD                                                                             

flutters to 60
Go and be merciful to everybody, for mercy finds freedom of speech in the presence of God. -Pambo 14

Scout Run Long track (Dan Taylor alley)
“It is good to eat flesh and to drink wine and not to eat thew flesh of your brothers in backbiting.” Hyperechios 4

Sprint to baseball diamond and four bases, 70% back
“We must not be swelled up with pride when the Lord does something through us – but rather be thankful that we were found worthy to be called by him.” Pionite 4

Jacobs ladder (10x up the hill, increasing burpees, 1 – 10)
“Wherever you go, do not measure yourself and you will experience repose.” Paphnutius 3

60 merkens and 30 burpees
“Go and stay in your cell; offer one prayer at dawn, one in the evening, and one at night. East when you are hungry, drink when you thirst, sleep when you are tired,; stay in the desert and do not be swayed by thoughts.” Paphnutius 5

Flutters to 40
“Bear with me when I oppose you and when you oppose me I will bear with you.” -Paul the Barber 16:10

Scout Run Medium track (by the log cabin)
“What do we want with this busy profession,” asked one of the monks. Throughout the whole day we are not allowed to practice silence.” Abba Paul said, the silence of the night is enough for us if our mind is keeping watch.” Paul the Barber

Mozy to goal baseball diamond and four bases, 40% back
“Follow Jesus.” -Abba Paul S1

Jacobs ladder (7x up the hill, increasing burpees to 1-7 )
“O obedience, mother of all the virtues!” Rufus

40 merkens and 20 burpees
“Just as a ship cannot be built without nails, so is it impossible to be saved without hmble-mindedness.” Syncletica S9

Flutters to 30
“Self esteem and fearlessness often occasion sin,” Sisoes 41

Short track (island bridge) (burpee if you finish early)
The disciple said to the elder, “’You have a good mind but you are a bit hard.” The elder said to him, “You are a good man but soft in the head.” Sisoes 51

Mozy to baseball diamond and four bases, mozy back
“Woe to the man whose reputation is greater than his performance.” Silvanus 10

Jacobs ladder (5x up the hill, increasing burpees to 1-5)
Can a person make a fresh start each day? Abba Silavaus said: If he is a real worker, a person can make a fresh start each day and each hour.” Silvanus 11

25 merkens and 10 burpees
The governor came to see Abba Simon, who dressed up like a beggar and when the governor saw him he took off forthwith. Simon 2

“It is no great virtue if you maintain your practice in your cell, but it is when you come out of your cell.” Serionos 2
“It is possible to be with many people yet to be alone in one’s thought; also really to be alone and yet to be among many in one’s mind. Syncletica S1
“Either make a clean break with men or make a laughingstock of the world and of men by making yourself a fool in many ways.” Or 14  

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