Sore in Strange Places

Date: 3/2/2023
AO: #ao_dark_room
PAX: @Beaker @Captain Crunch @Toto @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Noodles
Total: 4

WoR: Motivators x7, Tappy Taps x15, R/L Leg Compass x10 (4 count – front, side, back, starting position), 2 laps around the parking lot and then over to COOTEEs area

The Thang: TABATA – 8 cycles of WORK (1 minute)/REST (40 secs). Each cycle focusing on a different exercise. Squats during rest period.

CYCLE 1: 1 Leg glute bridges
CYCLE 2: Skater planks
CYCLE 3: 1 Leg Deadlifts
CYCLE 4: Sprinter Lunges
CYCLE 5: Curtsy Squats
CYCLE 6: Tuck Jumps
CYCLE 7: Bonnie Hurleys
CYCLE 8: Burpee Broad Jumps

Rinse and Repeat. We got through 2 TABATA rounds.

Moleskin: Today the beatdown was done to a motivational mix. Today was a reminder that motivation does not mean anything if we do not put God first in our lives. There is a reason why F3 has set times for early workouts. While many are sleeping, many of us are making the Hard Commitment to show up and start our days off right. F3 offers us a space to release all of the stress during the day just so that we can go back out and face it head on AGAIN. Rest assured that we leave each beatdown being better than we were the day before. We leave a better version of ourselves.

CoT: Prayers for @Beaker’s M as she explore her schedule and attempts to find a good balance between her career, family, personal goals. Prayers for @Captain Crunch as he gets ready to spend some time making assessments on some systems and processes at work, may it be received with open arms by those above him. Prayer’s for @Captain Crunch’s 2.0, Fruit Loops, and good health as she is away at camp in Florida. Prayers for @Toto’s 2.0 and family as they prepare for a family trip. May God continue to provide health and a safe trip.