F3 Taskmaster

Date: 03/16/23
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  • SSH
  • Arm Circles
  • Calf stretches

The Thang
The PAX moseyed over to Cooties where YHC provided the PAX with several tasks to complete. Points were awarded for the completion / victory of tasks. Most points at the end of the workout won. The tasks were grouped into rounds. Each round had a beatdown task and a 1v1 task. PAX circled up around Cooties to complete the beatdown tasks, while the 1v1 tasks were completed inside the ring. PAX were awarded a point for how many times they completed the beatdown task in the round, and were awarded a point if they won their 1v1 task in the round.

Round 1
1v1 task: Blow the bigger balloon while blindfolded
Beatdown task: 5 pullups + 10 pushups + 15 squats

  • PAX were duped. YHC did two rounds of this… which had some PAX close to a murph with the beatdown task
  • @Pool Boy turned it up to 11, and his balloon suffered an untimely ending :boom:

Round 2
1v1 task: Slap and Tong
Beatdown task: 5 dive bombers + 10 burpees + 15 leg lifts

  • For this task, a table garnished with a marshmallow wrapped in glow in the dark tape was set up. 1 PAX had a pair of tongs and his goal was to snatch the marshmallow with the tongs. The other PAX would try to thwart that effort by slapping the marshmallow away once the tongs crossed the plane of the table.
  • When PAX slap, they slap hard. The glow in the dark duct tape was critical for retrieving marshmallows that were slapped 10+ yards away.

Round 3
1v1 task: Pen toss
Beatdown task: 5 navy seal burpees + 10 oblique v ups + 15 crunchy frogs

  • For this task, 2 buckets were set up on one side of the ring, and the 2 competing PAX stood on the opposite side of the ring with pens in front of them. The goal was to toss as many pens as you could into your bucket. In between each pen tossed, the PAX was required to do 1 burpee. Pens tossed in the opponents bucket counted towards the opponents score.
  • An ever so slightly breezy morning made for some tricky pen tossing. Many pens tossed in line towards the correct bucket curled right into the opponents bucket.

It was tight on the leaderboard! @Tortuga took 3rd. @Bloomer took 2nd. @SAGA came in 1st, taking home the coveted Glowing ’Mallow trophy!

Joshua 4
God instructed Joshua to have Israel lay down 12 stones as a way to remember God miraculously leading them out of Egypt through the Jordan river. This teaches us to be good “rememberers” of what God has done, as this helps strengthen our faith. Not being a good rememberer can lead to the following consequences:

  • Generational ignorance (1 Cor 10:6)
  • Repeated failure (Proverbs 26:11)
  • Absence of faith (2 Cor 5:7)
  • Loss of intimate fellowship with God (missed noting the verse during the sermon…)
  • Forfeited blessing (Titus 1:16)


  • Prayers for @Tortuga’s 2.0 who’s had a really challenging first week of her mission trip
  • Prayers for @Big Mac’s mom who’s dealing with some back issues