Backblast: Run South

Date: 4/21/2023

AO: #ao_ground_zero
PAX: @Hershey, @Toto, @Da Vinci, @Topham, @Bloomer, @Shiplap, @Jolly, @Tortuga, @Cheese, @TBTF, @Banks, @LeMond, @Stock boy, @Panhandle, @Sally, @Blackout, @Beaker, @DQ, @Pool Boy, @SAGA, @Hancock
FNGs: 0
Q: @Hancock
Total: 21

WoR: SSH without the Q. Q showed up late and led more SSH. Stretch OYO.

The thang: we ran south, then came back.


I knew I wanted to share a moleskin on brotherhood in response to @Sparrow’s moleskin challenge, but just could not find the words. My M suggested I think back on what the F3 brothers have done for me. This is what came to mind:

That @Sparrow welcomed me in and made sure that someone included me on the conversation.

That @Da Vinci captured my imagination with the Northwest Passage workout and made me want to learn.

That my kids wouldn’t talk to me, through my own actions, but @Panhandle prayed for me. They love me and talk to me today. All of them.

That @SAGA prayed and cared for my family during that same rough season.

That @Captain Crunch didn’t leave me alone as the 6 when I was slow.

That @Archive took over reps for me when I was weak and not strong enough yet.

That @Beaker remembered me from our history together and never let me feel like a newbie.

That @Crack inspired me to reach for being more, not being less.

That @Shiplap challenged me and made me feel stronger. Or really, really sore. Or both.

That I love seeing @Maniac come out with us.

Brotherhood is not just the things we actively do, but it’s also the environment we build. I didn’t learn to have the confidence to say “you should hire me” to the boss’s face in an interview because I was taught to say that. I didn’t learn great leadership skills outright, properly, from a brother. But, seeing you all every week, and having our brotherhood together, encouraged that to come out in me. Don’t take for granted what we have.

CoT: Prayer’s for @Crack’s sister-in-law and sister, for @Blackout’s friend having heart surgery soon, and for @Majorette’s obnoxiously long bike ride journey.