Backblast: Moving slowly in a big circle

Date: 4/27/2023

AO: #ao_dark_room

PAX: @Captain Crunch, @Banks, @Shiplap, @Noodles, @Manhole, @Tarzan, @Beaker

FNGs: 0

Q: @Beaker

Total: 7


Motivators, ic, x7

Mountain climbers, ic, x15

Sn soldiers, ic, x15

Batwings, ic, x15

Pretzel arms, ic, x27

The Thang

We completed round of the following exercises clockwise around the 0.5 mi loop, waited for the 6 holding something and then moseyed back to the rear to move onto the next round.

All rounds were completed by performing multiples of the reps listed below, starting at 1 and ending at 8. For example, 1 mountain climber (2 is 1) and 4 bear crawls, followed by 2 mountain climbers and 8 bear crawls, all the way to 8 mountain climbers and 32 bear crawls.

The rounds:

Mountain bears

– 1 mountain climber (2 is 1) and 4 bear crawls. Plank for the 6.

Dan Taylors

– 1 squat and 4 lunges (1 is 1). Al Gore for the 6.

Crab dip

– 1 dip and 4 crab walks. Plank for the 6 (EC for a reverse plank.)


– 1 burpee and 2 broad jumps. Al Gore for the 6 (Jolly for the 6 for Captain and Shippy)

Flat tires

– 1 partner derkin followed by 4 wheelbarrows. There was no 6.

Broadbees are hard. Crab dips cause complaining. We never got to duck humpers. With that, I am pleased.

45 seconds of plank at the flag, just to induce some grumbling. It worked.


To honor @Sparrow’s moleskin challenge:

An important concept that I think about is the importance of naming. When we receive a name, we are given and identity and a mission. Our identity is giving to us. It is not something we can earn, or even change. Our mission is something we are called to. We can live up to it, we can fail to live up to it, but it doesn’t change our identity.

One example of this in my life is fatherhood. On April 7, 2013, I was named "father", and I will be a father for the rest of my life. My mission is to lead my children as a father. Somedays I live into that mission, others I do not live into it nearly enough. However, regardless of my performance in my mission, I cannot change that I am a father. I can, at worst, be a terrible father, but not a non-father.

I received my most important name in my baptism, wherein I was named "son of God". All of us in this circle who are Christians are so named. Remember that this naming was God’s doing, and as such, He gave you an identity and a mission. This identity was given to you by God, not by yourself, and your performance in your mission, or lack thereof, does not strengthen nor weaken your identity as a son of God. Therefore, you are freed to live your mission as a son of God without restriction or fear.

When you live your mission fully, excellent! When you live it poorly, return to your name and remember that your identity is held in Christ, freeing you to live your mission again. Therefore, go forth today remembering your identity as father and as son of God and live into each of those callings in one way today more than you did yesterday, secure in your name(s).


YHC forgot a bunch, so let me simply note that we are all lifting up @Crack and his family right now and leave it at that.