Backblast: Prisoner Cell Workout

Date: 4/26/2023
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Shiplap, @SAGA, @T-bone, @Da Vinci, @Tortuga, @Panhandle, @Pool Boy, @DQ, @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @LeMond
Total: 9

* Warmorama
o SSHs
o Frankensteins: arm to opposite leg
o Windmills
o Arm circles, overhead claps
* Thang 1
o No surrender: 25 reps
o Prisoner Guardian Run around track: 1 round or have everyone go twice.
o Crowd Pleaser: pyramid to 5 in cell
* Thang 2
o Mike Tyson squat workout with card deck
o Deal out cards.
o 7s with PCMB (Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees) and V-Ups.
o 20 high-knees, 20 mountain climbers in between
* Thang 3:
o Traveling SSHs
o Prisoner Get ups: 10 OYO
o Failure to launch
o Protractor
* Mary:
o Absolutions
o Protractor
o Freddie Mercury
* Notes:
o Q forgot how to do Absolutions, which are an 8-COUNT exercise:
o Combination of a Groiner, Mahktar N’ Diayes, and Chilly Jack, done on an 8-count cadence. An awesome core and upper body workout that is both the solution to flabby abs, and a reason to beg absolution for your sins. Start in plank position and perform a single Groiner (cadence “1” jump feet forward, “2” jump feet back), then Mahktar N’ Diayes to Chillcut position (cadence “3” & “4” with drop to each elbow), then Chilly Jack (cadence “5” feet out, “6” feet together), and finally Mahktar N’ Diayes to plank starting position (cadence “7” and “ONE, TWO, etc.”
* Moleskin:
o Who am I?
o I think of Saint Joseph.
o I’ve heard it said that when you have your principles in life worked out, decision making comes more naturally.