1.28.19 – The Death Sled is Dead. Long Live the Death Sled!

The final EC Tuesday saw 3 PAX (Dovetail, Gummi Bear, Captain Crunch) brave the frozen icy wastes of AO-Mastodon for some random tests of strength, agility, will-power and structural integrity. Not everyone or everything passed the test.

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Abe Vigodas ICx10
  • Pavement Jog
  • Build the Wall, Move the Wall
    • (move the 5 new coupons from Crunch’s car to the coupon wall in three legs of wind-sprints, stacking all 5 at each relay point.)
  • Death Sledding / Coupon Dan Taylor / Man-Makers
    • The PAX found a small patch of traction near the ice-plain of the Hill. One PAX did Man-Makers, another did Dan Taylor’s with a coupon until the third PAX had dragged or pushed the sandbag up the hill and ridden in down in this. On the first “sled” one wall broke loose, on the second, another side gave way and a large crack developed on the floor. On the third and final sled, the short-lived, make-shift death-sled succumbed and splintered into small pieces on the hard, lumpy ice. Luckily each PAX enjoyed one ride, but only the briefest taste of glory was had.
  • Stress Positions (Pull-up hang vs. Wall-push-up hold vs. Plank) After obliterating the “sled”, the three PAX moseyed to the C.o.O.T.E.E. circle for 6 cycles of pain-holds for 1:30 each. Plank and Wall-Push-ups made a good showing, but the dead-hang from the pull-up bar saw plenty of breaks (at least from YHC).

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for health for those PAX unable to attend (esp. Ship Lap), prayers for peace at home (esp. Hot Box and the plumbing clean-up), prayers for a good week of getting after it, and a blessing on the group and its members new and old.