11.11.19 – 11.11.1918 The “Armistice” Shuffle

6 PAX posted were not deterred by the beginnings of our Veteran’s Day snow-dump. For their valor against the fartsack on a blustery day in the Gloom they received a Ruck-Day inspired by Team RWB’s “Armistice” WOD.

The Set:

  • 11 Thrusters IC
  • 11 Burpees OYO
  • 19 Squats IC
  • 18 Lunges OYO

The Mileage:

Perform the set. Ruck 1.1 miles to the Wheaton North HS flag-pole, repeat the set, ruck 1.1 mi back to the shovel flag. Lotta shuffling.

  • 11 Ruck-Deadlifts IC

(Total Mileage: 2.4mi at a 4.8 mph pace! Way to get after it, men!)

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for our Vets for community, encouragement, support and serving them as they have served and continue to serve us. — for health and support in Gummi Bear’s family (esp. M. and youngest) as they live and grow — for Noodles as he holds the line at home — all the brothers as we start a new week: strength, endurance, courage, leadership


11.9.19 – Upper Body Blast

It was another beautiful day at AO Mastodon, and we had 8 PAX (Noodles, TBTF, Hotbox, Gummibear, Archive, Jazz Hands, Captain Crunch, Banks) show up for the promised upper body shredding. As an added bonus, the forecasted wind did not materialize, so with the sun shining thanks to daylight savings time, our PAX headed off for a beatdown in fantastic weather.

Warm-O-Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

Thang 1:

We started with a mosey through AO Mastodon completing the following exercises along the way:

  • Route 66 – Stop at each light post and complete 1 Burpee, increasing burpees at each light post until 11 are completed – 66 total burpees
  • Flat Tire – The PAX partnered up and performed a wheelbarrow followed by derkins in the following counts: 4 steps wheelbarrow, 1 Derkin; 8:2, 12:3,… finishing with 40 steps wheelbarrow and 10 Derkins. (This was definitely a challenge to complete and the PAX traded roles frequently)
  • Bataan Death March – Run in a line and the last PAX drops and does 5 Burpees, and then catches back up. We completed 1 round and finished at the C.O.O.T.I.E.S station (Shoutout to Captain Crunch for the naming rights)

Thang 2: Interval training

We completed sets of Pullups, Burpees, Merkins, & Dips. Starting at 5 reps each and increasing to 10 reps each in 2 minute intervals.


  • 20x LBC’s
  • 20x Oblique LBC’s to each side


Prayers for Jazz hands Mom on her upcoming surgery, his coworker, and for his knee to heal. Prayers for a strong week, and for TBTF to get good news about his job.

11.4 Will Battle Hero WOD and Ruck

6 PAX for a very un-gloomy Monday (Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Noodles, TBTF). Daylight savings got to Hotbox’s 2.0s….

No WOR- straight to the good stuff:
10 rounds each
-10 Ruck Squats
-10 American Ruck Twists
-10 Ruck Push-Ups
-10 Ruck High-Pulls

1 Mile Ruck, We overachieved and did 1.6 miles at a 12:31 pace…

COR COT- Prayers for sleep and a good start to the work week!

11.2.19 – They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

*They came* – 5 PAX in attendance (Captain Crunch, Archive, Hot Box, Banks, TBTF)

*They saw* – A fun filled hour of physical achievement. We utilized the jogging paths starting out on the Archive mile and then worked our way around the inner loop (not sure if that route is named after anyone yet). The structure of the workout was to do a 2 minute light jog then stop and do 2 minutes AMRAP of a specified exercise and ending each stop with 5 burpees. Also if we were to pass anyone on the path we were to stop and do 10 mountain climbers. This only happened twice and it was the same person both times (she was just jogging the same route we were but in reverse)

The routine looked like this:

2 minute slow jog – Warmup – Motivators x7, Tin Soldiers x20

2 minute slow jog – Merkins (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5 (We forgot the burpees on this set:))

2 minute slow jog – Squats (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5 (We forgot the burpees on this set too :))

2 minute slow jog – Sprints (sprint distance/jog back) x3, Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Heavily Modified Bruce Lee Routine – We did 6 moves (listed below) x 30 seconds each (superset) x 2 sets (30 seconds rest between sets), Burpees x5

1 – American Hammers

2 – Leg Raises

3 – LBCs

4 – Heel Touches

5 – Crunchy Frogs

6 – 100’s

2 minute slow jog – Merkins (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Squats (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Sprints (sprint distance/jog back) x2, Boo-urpees x5 <– Shout out to @Noodles

We then moseyed back to the flag.

*They conquered* – Everything they saw! Great job gentlemen!


Prayers for Jazz Hands that his knee feels better and doesn’t linger, safe travels for Gummi Bear and family (includes honorary PAX Gummi Worm), and that we be present and contributing at home.

10.31.19 – The Walking Dead

Excitement was brewing leading up to Noodles’ Halloween BC workout. Either too many emojis or too many mind games. Either way, 7 PAX posted at AO-Mastodon for a workout meant to raise the DEAD!

WoR: Frankensteins x20, Batwings x10 (3 count – Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps), Webbecides (Suicides adding +1 Merkin at each line – total 78 Merkins)

Thang #1 – Body Snatchers (Coupons = Corpses) 2 sets

In sequence – Corpse Presses x30, Dead Lifts x30, Skullcrushers (Triceps – behind head to over head) x30 – Repeat x10 each exercise.

Thang #2 – Zombie Hill AKA Hoffa

Zombie Crawl uphill x3. Perform the following exercise at top of the hill on each round.

Round #1 – Crucible Merkins x20 (wide merkin, hands 90 degree to the side)

Round #2 – Dying Cockroach (4 count – Lying down, legs up, hands up and hold 4 count = 1)

Round #3 – BOO-Urpees (classic adding an extra step prior to overhead clap, cover face and yell “BOO” on overhead clap).

NoR: Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Archive, Hotbox, Banks, TBTF, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Archive – Prayers for continued motivation and direction as he continues his job search, provision for his family. Gummi Bear – Prayers for safe travels to Minnesota in celebration of his wife’s grandfather, turning 90. Noodles – Praise report for 2.0 gaining 1.6 lbs, continued prayers for 2.0 health, rest and patience.

10.28.19 — Every Ruck Day Shufflin’

With a new appreciation for just how warm 40 degrees is, 5 PAX (Noodles, Gummi Bear, Too Big To Fail, Archive, Crunch(QIC)) posted in the Gloom for another Ruck Day. This time it was two quick laps around followed by a little PT circuit to finish out the time.


  • Mountain Man Poopers IC x 10 (we miss you, Banks!)
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20

The Shuffle:

  • 1.75 miles in 21 minutes flat for a solid 12:00 mile-time (5mph)

The Team Spartan ruck circuit:

1 PAX each on the following exercises, rotate when the hill runner returns:

  • Hill Run + 10 ruck-pushups
  • Thrusters
  • High Pull / Ruck Swings
  • Plank Pull-through
  • Ruck Lunges

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for Noodles’ family and their rest (praise for breaking the 4 hour mark on sleeping!) — for Archive and the long wait to hear back from the hiring process — for focus, discipline and character for the week ahead.

10.26.19 – APFT, take 2

6 stalwart PAX (Noodles, Jazz Hands, Banks, Crunch, Archive, Gummi Bear) met the misty, chilly gloom head-on looking forward to their quarterly check-in. The brisk air was motivating as they warmed-up and then gave it what they had. If their scores did not improve we firmly content that their overall form was much improved this time around. Look to next quarter for some solid acceleration. Crunch at least needs to work on his core…


  • SSH ICx25
  • Ballerina Toe-Squats ICx25
  • Bat Wings ICx20
  • .6 mile mosey

“The” Test

  • 2 min AMRAP Merkins
  • 2 min AMRAP Big-boy sit-ups
  • 2 mile timed run

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for Jazz Hands mom, who got good enough blood work back and is now looking forward to a mid-November procedure — for M. Jazz Hands as she deals with some physical ailments and the blues — Archive as he waits to hear back from the Itasca hiring process — Noodles and his house as they seek more concentrated and extended sleep for baby and parents — prayers for leadership, clarity of purpose, and strength of spirit for the coming week.

10.12.19 Jazz Hand’s Revenge

On 10/12, 3 full-size PAX posted on a very chilly Saturday morning (@TBTF@Gummi bear, and @Jäzz Händz), while another (@Captain Crunch (AJ)) brought along his 2x 2.0’s, combining to what we’ll call a solid 4 PAX for the day (1/2 for Crunch, and 1/4 for each of his 2x participating 2.0’s, who actually did some workouts with us!)

The workout was as follows:          
”Seven & Ten & Two”
Diamonds & Dragons, v2.0

Thang 1 @ The Baseball Diamond
“7 of Diamonds”Start at Home Base. Each “round” (i.e. circle all four bases), you switch to the next exercise. Stick together at bases, hold for the 6.• Round 1 = 7x Burpees OYO at each base
  * Karaoke to each next base• Round 2 = 14x Squats IC at each base, PF (“proper form”)
  * Mosey to each next base• Round 3 = 21x Mountain Climbers OYO at each base
  * Broad Jump to each next base• Round 4 = 28x LBCs OYO at each base
  * Backwards mosey to each next baseYours truly grabbed a coupon and hit the path for “Crunch mile” counter clockwise.

Thang 2 @ Path by Diamond
“Baton” Death March
Modified “Bataan Death March”• PAX line up and begin moseying in a line for a “Crunch Mile”, CCW around the islands. The front-runner carries the coupon, last person in line stays back to do 5 merkins. The Merkin-doing PAX sprints up like tortoise and the hare style to front of mosey line (and taps trailing PAX on the way to stop, drop, and do 5x merkins) and takes coupon from the front-runner as new leader, and previous front-runner is now second in line.
• Sans the coupon, this is a very doable and normal exercise. With a coupon however, you need to enter beast mode, which @Gummi bear specifically did quite well.
• We did 1 loop around the islands while @Captain Crunch (AJ) stayed back with his 2.0s to prepare for the next workout and keep them warm in the car.Return the coupon and headed to the tennis courts.

Thang 3 @ Tennis Courts
Welsh Dragons: Enter the Dungeon
Bear crawl forward 4 steps, do 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, and tap the back of each shoulder 1 time. Repeat adding 1 rep to each exercise each time.• PAX did 10 reps of Welsh Dragons: i.e. last rep was finishing the stretch with 4 bear crawl paces, 10 merkins, 10 plank jacks, 10 shoulder taps per shoulder. The goal is to not release from planking position or drop to your knees. This was BRUTAL. “Modify as needed” was definitely utilized for this workout.

Mary (6MOM) @ Grass near Parking Lot
Ring of Fire (bear crawl version), two rounds per PAX as there were only 3 of us in the ring.COR/NOR/COT:coffee::doughnut: Coffeteria  :coffee::doughnut: 

10.21.19 Ruck Club: 5 Minute Stride/Shuffle

The Q called a little EC workout session for those interested, who wanted to show up 15 minutes early. It does not need to be reported that the Q was 3 minutes late for his own EC session, nor that Banks gave his HC, which is stronger than oak, for the EC session as well as the regular session, and failed to appear at both, therefore letting his comrades down. Thankfully, it was verified that banks is alive and well, despite the missed hit time.

Ten Minute EC Session : Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles and Gummibear completed the following ruck workout:

20 pushups

3 sets of curls and upright rows (12,10,8 reps each)

40 flutter kicks

The THANG (you can warm up rucking)

Six faithful paxs posted for another beautiful fall morning; TBTF, Hotbox, Archive, Noodles, Captain Crunch, and Gummibear were all present. To reiterate, Banks was not present.

As a group we covered as much distance as possible in 40 minutes alternating between 3 minutes of striding and 2 minutes of shuffling. We were able to complete 2 “Archive Miles” and one “Crunch mile”. Overall everyone did very well, and we had a good pace without feeling too out of breath. It was a very enjoyable morning and we still were chatting even while shuffling.

NOR/COT: Continued prayers for Archive’s potential job scenario. Prayers for wisdom for the Hotbox family. Prayers for a good week.

Great picture of the guys. To be clear banks is not one of these guys. Noodles was able to take some other photos that are posted elsewhere.

10.17.19 – Tour De Mastodon

It was another beautiful morning at AO Mastodon and 5 faithful PAX showed up for a no frills beatdown. (Archive, Noodles, Hotbox, Captain Crunch, Banks). The sky was clear, but it was a bit chilly so we started off quickly and never let the intensity die down. Captain Crunch was a little concerned about moving on without his jacket, but I told him not to worry he would be warm in a second!

Warm-O-Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

The Thang:

We started off on the long mile and completed the following as we stopped along the way :

  • 10x Pullups
  • Suicides at the basketball courts
  • 12x Burpees
  • 12x Burpees
  • 7x Dan Taylors
  • 12x Burpees
  • 10x Pullups
  • 12x Burpees
  • Bearpees across the tennis courts
Everyone is in the picture, but the steam wouldn’t stop coming!!!

There was an entire inner loop of activities planned, but we were running low on time, so we then moseyed to Hoffa and completed the following:

  • Sprint to top of hill, 10x Star Jumps, walk back down
  • Sprint Bear Crawls to top of hill, 25x Monkey Humpers, walk back down

We then moseyed to the flag


We were all still out of breath, but were able to lift up some prayers. We asked for patience as Archive waits to hear on his job interview, that Noodles’s son’s test results come back positive and they are able to get him to eat better, and we asked for focus and discipline for all of us as we finish out the week strong.