7.29.19 – Triple XXX Family Restaurant Returns!

6 PAX — Count’em! — (Archive, Gummi Bear, Noodles, To Big To Fail, Captain Crunch, and Triple XXX Family Restaurant <– returning from December!) posted in “Gloom adjacent” conditions for what was supposed to be a “buffet” ruck offering PAX their choice of Speed Ruck, Pain Ruck, or Ruck PT. But everyone said “Pain Ruck, that sounds terrible…” and went for a 2mi speed ruck course. So what’s a Q to do but drag their sandbag along anyway and try to keep up with the group?


  • Ruck Motivators ICx5
  • Abe Vigoda ICx20

The Thang:

We all rucked the 2 miles to the far side of Lawson field and back in the beginnings of a steady drizzle. YHC failed to get anything but one blurry photo out of the ruck, and the rain messed up his phone’s responsiveness on the NameORama so no video either. But outside of tech issues, the group had a glorious hike out and back and got to share our new sandbag around for a Pain Ruck / Speed Ruck combo.

Once back we filled out the remainder with some standard Ruck PT:

  • Thrusters x 20
  • Ruck Swings x 20
  • American Hammer IC x 15

COR / NOR (not pictured) / COT: prayers for job applications going out — health and steady recovery for Hoser and Good Hands’ nephew — prayers for the brothers

7.27 Dog Days of Summer

11 PAX (Archive QIC, Jazz Hands, Captain Crunch, Too Big To Fail, Noodles, Urkel, Apples, Elway, Ken Doll, FNG (Welcome Diva)) do not like dogs.

WOR- 7x Motivators

21x Ballerina Toe Squats

21x Mountain Climbers

Morning Salute- Moseyed along AO, each time a person crossed our path- 10 burpees, each time a dog crossed our path- 20 burpees. There were several dogs.

Thang 1-

Fire Drill at Wheaton North: On football field, circle up. High knees until pax calls out “fire”. Drop to ground, roll right, merkin, roll left, merkin. Back to high knees. Go until all PAX have called “fire”.

Millennial on Bleachers-

Run up to top of bleachers, run down again. 100 reps of the following: 1. Star Jumps 2. Lunges 3. Hand Release Merkins 4. LBCs 5. Flutters

Mosey back to flag. Ring of Fire.

NOR COT- Prayers for Good Hands’ nephew who was hit by a car, health and healing,  job search for Archive, upcoming 2.0 for Noodles.

7.25.19 – “Love” & Basketball

It was a cool 62 degrees. The gloom was back! Met for another day led by yours truly, Noodles. There was nothing “Lovely” about this workout. Broke in the basketball courts at AO-Mastedon. Welcomed back a couple of HIMs ready to be put to the test!

WoR: Motivators x8, Abe Vigodas x8. We moseyed over to grab our coupons and it was off to the courts.

Thang #1: Suicides for Wannabe Ballers

Round 1 – Start at Baseline (BL) to Free Throw (FT) and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 2 – Start at BL to Half Court (HC) and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 3 – Start at BL to Opposite FT and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 4 – Start at BL to Opposite BL and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Thang #2: Shaq-Diesel

Round 1 – Merkins to forearms x25

Round 2 – Merkins, R arm on coupon x25

Round 3 – Merkins, L arm on coupon x25

Round 4 – Coupon Lunges (in-place) x50

Round 5 – Air Squats w/ Coupon x100

MoM: Supermans x10, Side Plank position hold – R leg up x10, Side Plank position hold – L leg up x10

CoR/NoR: Captain Crunch, Gaucho (HATE/HATE), CATS, Skirt Chaser, Archive, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Noodles – Prayers for Good Hands’ nephew recovering from being struck by car. Multiple body parts affected and in need of prayer for recovery. Bring his family peace and strength during this difficult season. Archive – Prayers for job search to bring clear and new opportunity that is best for him and his family. May it not be a stressful job search period. Skirt Chaser – Praise report for his sister in Peru, doing well. Prayers for his wife who is having difficulty sleeping. May sleeping come naturally to bring her plenty of rest. Captain Crunch – Prayers for GrowRuck in September and training period leading up to event. Push HIMs to show up and test their limits regardless of their decision to participate or not in the event. Use it as an opportunity to get stronger.

7.22.19 – Intro to Pain Rucking

After the heatwave of the weekend, we got a nice cool 66 degrees this morning and 5 PAX (Archive, Banks, Crunch, Noodles, TBTF) showed up for Monday’s Pain Ruck with some bonus weight on-hand. After our sand and surf heavy week, the promise was no shenanigans, just straight up work. Specifically, 170 lbs of Ruck, 100+# of concrete, 50+# of water, and 67# of sand. We rotated as we went and everyone got a turn with the sandbag and the jerry can.

The Opener:

  • Ruck Motivators IC x 5
  • Abe Vigodas IC x 20

The Pain Ruck:

  • The Burpee Mile: The Long Mile – 12 Burpees OYO every quarter mile (Combined Ruck Weight = 170 lbs., Bonus Team Weight = 220 lbs.)
  • The Overtime: Extra .5 mile, dropped the coupons off, dropped the jerry can at the half-way mark (Rucks = 170#, Team Weight = 93#)

Total Combined Ruck Work = 607

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for job travel, recovery from workouts, continued health.

Short and Sweet, but a heck of a workout. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was (am) still sore from Saturday. We’ll see how recovery time goes before Thursday’s workout.

7.20.19 – Beating the Heat

With a heat index threatening our fun, 5 stalwart PAX (Archive, Banks, Jazz Hands, Noodles, Crunch(QIC)) posted in a muggy 80 degrees before it got any hotter. The Q’s genius plan to keep exertion to a maximum and heat related smart-sacking to a minimum was the addition of a makeshift kiddie pool courtesy of some not yet utilized workbench lumber. It worked surprisingly well for being slapped together, and we got good and soaked regularly throughout the rotation. We had rucks enough to go around, so no one had to do the modified coupon version.

The Standard: 

  • Motivators IC x 7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x 14

The Water Workout:

  • 100 Ruck Squats
  • 1 Kraken Ruck Burpee in the “pool” (3 hand release merkins)
  • Ruck up the hill
  • 70 Ruck Push-ups
  • 33 Ruck Swings
  • 30 Lunges down the hill
  • Mandatory water-break
  • Repeat all of the above steps 2 more times

The Filler:

  • PAX played “Deck of Pain” (draw two: 1st card is your exercise, 2nd card is your rep count) with the workout cards until the 6 arrived.
  • Tear down the “pool” and haul it to the Q’s car

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for job applications, upcoming work-travel for Banks, “Crunch’s rat disease-thing”, Noodles 2.0 (and his room!) — praise that we all beat the heat and lived to tell the tale.

Thought of the Day: It has been a long time since I did that many modified push-ups.



It was a nice 74 degrees. Perfect weather for an early morning workout. 8 HIMs made the Hard Commit to quit fartsacking and be present at Mastodon. The group was given fair warning that coupons would be in full effect. The boys were in for a workout that would test their strength and core. We welcomed a fellow F3 guest from Georgia, here on internship. When our mind is telling us no, we have to dig deep and find that burst of energy to get us through the workout.

WoR: Motivators x10, Abe Vigodas x10 + 2 EC noted by Banks! Thanks Banks. Quick mosey over to grab our coupons and continued w/ our mosey on over to the volleball courts, NKA “The Sandlot”.

Thang #1 – Introducing “Sea Turtles”

Captain Crunch’s sadistic name for bear crawls performed on sand. Thank you for giving it the name.

5 Rounds of Sea Turtles w/ strength and core exercises performed at each end. Total of 10 Sea Turtles, 5 sets of Strength and 5 sets of Core exercises.

Strength Exercises: Coupon Bench Press x50, Overhead Press x40, Plank Pulls x30, Goblet Squats x20, Manmakers x10

Core Exercises: LBCs x50, Imperial Walkers x40, Jumping Jacks x30, Mountain Climbers x20, Dive Bombers x10

5MoM: Hot Potato – HIMs to provide each other w/ Back to Back support and maintain squat position. Coupon then passed around side to side for 3 rotations.

NoR: Captain Crunch, Gaucho (F3 Georgia), Archive, Banks, Gummi Bear, Toolbox, Skirt Chaser, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Prayers for overall health of the group and continued motivation to push ourselves. M’s health and pregnancy.

7.15.19 – EMBRACE. THE. GRIT.

Sometimes it’s not the reps, it’s the environment that gets to you. Sometimes it’s not the body, but the mind that refuses.

The sun rose and 3 unsuspecting PAX (Noodles, Banks, Gummi Bear) rucked over to Mastodon to perform a morale test. This morning’s sadistic Q (YHC, Crunch) felt like rising to the bait of our sand and surf rucking challenge this month and even found a nice little tucked away sandbox for our ruck PT pleasure. (Mastodon has it all!)

Warm o Rama:

  • Ruck Motivators IC x 5
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 10
  • Arm Circles over to the C.O.O.T.E.E.s ring
  • One Complete Ruck-Up (a pull-up or dead hang for 30 seconds)

The Thang:

Proceed to the volleyball courts (tucked behind the aquatic center) for a lovely patch of damp sand. Try not to get it in your eyes while bear crawling.

AMRAP for 20 min:

  • Flutters x 20 (we did IC, because that’s how you count Flutters!)
  • Bear Crawl 30 yards
  • American Hammers x 20 (IC, because that’s how you count American Hammers!)

After 6 rounds we went to straight count to finish out the 9 sets before time was up. No time for MoM, but a quick ruck back to the parking lot and a rinse at the drinking fountain.

COR/NOR/COT: prayers for work / productivity / purpose — anxiety about upcoming vacations — anxiety about past vacations (waiting out incubation periods for rat-borne illnesses) — Noodles’ transfer application processing (and 2.0’s room) is taking longer than expected.

All things considered, these guys passed their “putting up with a crazy Q” test with flying colors. Sand does not make a workout more fun. But it does send you home with more genuine grit than you came with…


7.13.19 – There will be Burpees…

It was a beautiful, hot humid summer day. 6 brave PAX showed up knowing full well that they had burpees coming there way. This was my 1 year anniversary Q, so I knew I needed to make it a beatdown that won’t be soon forgotten.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 21x Cherry Pickers
  • 10x 4-Count Merkins
  • 10x Burpees OYO

Thang 1: Bataan Death March

  • 5x Burpees, then run to catch back up. Each PAX did it twice

Thang 2: Burpee Extravaganza!

  • Bearpees across the tennis courts (1 Burpee, 4 Bearcrawls)
  • Mosey to the Exercise Equipment
  • 10x Burp-ups OYO
  • Mosey to Hoffa
  • Run to the top of the hill, 5x Hand Release Burpees
  • Run to the top of the hill, 5x Hurpees
  • Mosey to the other side of the grassy area
  • 10x Rochamburpees
  • 10x The Wolverine
  • Mosey to Coupon Island sans Coupons
  • 5x Yurpees
  • 5x Jackees

Thang 3: Mary

We rotated around with each PAX calling an exercise for the group

  • Banks – 50x 4-Count Flutter Kicks
  • Captain Crunch – Old Ironsides (Boat, Canoe, 10x American Hammer)
  • Archive – Bissyous – 20? (Yours truly was just trying to keep getting up…)
  • Too Big To Fail – Russian Twists – 20x 2-Count
  • Prince Eric – Cobra
  • Gummi Bear – Side Plank + 10x side dips

We moseyed to the top of the hill, completed 10x Merkins, and then moseyed back to the parking lot to finish out the workout.


Prayers for Archive in his new job search, Captain Crunch’s family health and for all of the brothers who didn’t make it out to join us today.

7.11.19 Meet my friend Cindy

6 PAX (Archive QIC, Noodles, Tool Box, Too Big to Fail, Gummi Bear, Banks) met Archive’s friend Cindy.

7x Motivators
21x Ballerina Toe Squats

Thang 1
Cindy- 20 minutes AMRAP: 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats
For the first time- no mumble chatter for the first 30 of a beatdown.

Mile Run

Circle of Pain

COR NOR- Prayers for Noodles M, 2.0 and ongoing nursery project. Thanks for AC from Toolbox.

Short and sweet.

7.8.19 Ruck Club

4 PAX (Archive QIC, Banks, Gummi Bear, Noodles) got some.

Warm up lap of the pond.

3 rounds while circling the pond:
25x : Thrusters, One Arm Squat, Plank, American Hammers

Grab coupons
3 rounds while circling pond:
20 x: Deadlifts, Goblet Squats, Merkins

Prayers for Hoser’s knee, Noodles nursery, and a good start to the workweek.