3.21.19 – When in doubt, Moar Leg Day!

With the comfortably cool weather lingering for another week, two PAX headed over to AO Mastodon to see what Thursday had in store. The Q’s legs were mostly back in working order after Banks’ Ultimate Leg Day on Saturday, so he figured it was better to show them who’s boss than to give them a break. Pleasantly surprised that what followed was not terrible. Burpees were probably the low point.

Warm-o-Rama / The Standard:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x15
  • Imperial Walkers IC x20

The Thang: Leg Day

  • The Runs (run the Archive-mile, breaking at various points to do the following exercises)
    • Bolt 45s
    • Dan Taylor (Squats/Lunges – 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, … , 8:32)
    • Route 66 – Burpees
    • Windshield Wipers IC x10
  • Bear-Down / Burn-up Hill runs x 3 (Bernie Sanders up / Bear-crawls down)

C.O.O.T.E.E.s — Circle Of Outside Training / Exercise Equipment

  • Used each of the circle of equipment installed at the park:
    • Dip bars x10
    • decline sit-ups ICx20
    • seated leg-press ICx20
    • seated pull-ups ICx20
    • seated overhand press x20


Prayers for the brothers — finish the week strong, be faithful servant leaders at work, at home and in our community.

3.18.19 – Keep on Ruckin’

With Winter still hanging on by it’s fingernails, our PAX suited up and moseyed to the AO for another covert (i.e. – flagless) ruck-day. Enjoying the few days of solid gloom left and saying goodbye to a large red moon in the West. After 3.16.19’s Ultimate Leg Day our Q decided to avoid needing to get up and down from the ground too much (I’m looking at you, Burpee Mile) in favor of some limbering up. Surprisingly stiff still, even just moseying. Got there early enough to do a couple min of stretching, but probably not habit forming…

Warm-o-Rama: The Standard

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x20
  • Imperial Walkers ICx20

The Thang: The Prayer Walk

  • Merkin Mile — (0.25 mi. + 25 Merkins)x4
  • The Short Mile (bonus points for hitting all legs of the two lake loops!)

6MoM (6 minutes of Mary):

  • Flutters ICx25
  • (ruck)LBCs ICx25
  • American Hammer(ruck) ICx25


Prayers for the brothers — growth, focused on the right people for our group — that those who come would find what they are looking for in each F in their lives — encouragement in the walk.

3.16.19 – Seasons of Lunge! (525,600 lunges)

Backblast by Crunch:

It was frosty enough day to keep one’s jacket on through a good workout. As a good PAX, your narrator posted, feeling fit and prepared (he thought) for the beatdown delivered by QIC-Banks. Unbidden, a random cocky thought went through our PAX’s head: I have my watch, that doesn’t mean I need to use it. I’m game for whatever’s coming. Live in the present, man. It’ll be over before you know it…The day began as normal as any other:

Warm-o-Rama / The Standard:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x20

Thang #1: Complacency

  • Run a Mile

An opener mile was no surprising play. It was at this point, dear reader, that our self-confident PAX began trying to guess what was next. He was fairly certain more than half of the running was behind him for the day, and we ended by the coupon pile—a typical enough Banks move. Was it Hodor or Colt 45 today? The QIC passed by the coupon pile without a second thought, and that’s when it got interesting:

Thang #2: Aiken-Bernie Legs

  • Aiken Legs
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 Box Jumps IC (jump in a square)
    • 20 Lunges (just 10 each leg!)
    • 20 Split Jacks
  • Bernie, Burny Legs
    • Bernie Sanders up the hill
    • 20 Star Jumps or Monkey Humpers or Oblique Squats
    • Lunge down the hill (about 40 lunges)

Well that was a Thing. It was some Crunch level madness to go from Aiken to Bernie and THEN do lunges down a hill… Our foolhardy PAX thought “how much time is left? Wait… did I say I wouldn’t check?”

  • Repeat Aiken + Bernie, Burny 4 more times…

WHAT IS THIS??? Seriously, it’s got to be close to time now… Banks always ends promptly… live in the present…

Thang #3: The Rest-Stop

  • Partner Exercise: People’s Chair at the Lake Tree / run up the hill and back (x3 each partner)
  • Limp/Run a quarter mile around the Bridges

At this point, I don’t think I could fully feel my legs. This portion was definitely a wind-down by comparison. I think our 1/4 mile time was about half the pace of our original mile. Bumped in to Avon at the end, who posted for coffee despite a back-injury. Mosey to the flag for a wrap-up.

6MoM (6 Minutes of Mary):

  • Flutters (AMRAP 30 sec)
  • LBCs (AMRAP 30 sec)
  • Dolly (AMRAP 30 sec)
  • American Hammer (AMRAP 30 sec)

(okay fine just 2 Min of Mary, Banks ends promptly.)


Prayers — prayers for personal discipline and courage for the week ahead, for wisdom in prioritizing and encouragement for PAX and their families to make it through the month.

For those of you keeping track at home, that was:

  • 5 Bernie Hills
  • 20 Oblique Squats / 30 Star Jumps / 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 100 Squats / 100 Box Jumps (IC) / 100 Split Jacks
  • 300 Lunges
  • ~2 min of People’s chair + some other stuff

It’s two days later, and I’m still getting out of my chair like an old man. Good times.

Thought of the Day: Maybe Banks will get the 45min week-day slots from here on out. I’m in danger of getting in shape.

TODO: figure out permissions for f3wheaton; also, stretch more.

3.14.19 – Solo Cindy and C.O.O.T.E.E.s

After being warned in an evening text that he was likely on his own, the Q was not going to let the novelty of a 50 degree morning in March go to waste. Arriving across the soggy trails at the AO, he saved his Leg Day plans for another time. No one wants to belly-ache through Dan Taylors alone when they can be shared. No puddle left behind on the two circuits of the park. Found some new hazard zones.

Warm-o-Rama / The Standard:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x15
  • Imperial Walkers ICx20

The Thang: Murph-prep

  • Mile 1
  • Cindy – AMRAP (5 pull-ups + 10 Merkins + 15 Squats) – 10 in 10min
  • Mile 2

C.O.O.T.E.E.s — Circle Of Outside Training / Exercise Equipment

  • Used each of the circle of equipment installed at the park:
    • Dip bars x15
    • decline sit-ups ICx20
    • seated leg-press ICx20
    • seated pull-ups ICx15
    • seated overhand press x15
  • Felt dirty afterwards. Cleaned up with some Ol’Ironsides
    • boat/canoe + American Hammer ICx40


Prayers for the brothers — health, stamina and encouragement in the walk. Prayers for those who will consider joining this crazy group this year.

3.11.19 – A Case Of Mondays

After avoiding the winter blast of the previous week, our Q was out of excuses on a balmy 24 degree day. With the time change only a day previous, he greeted the return of the gloom. Not even the birds were stirring yet, and only one other elusive runner was briefly spotted in the AO. To double-down on that Monday feeling, he threw in some of everyone’s favorites for a ruck to remember.

Warm-o-Rama / The Standard:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Windmills IC x20

The Case:

  • Burpee Mile = (12 Burpees + .25 Miles) x 4
  • Six Pack (Pull-ups + Merkins = 1:5, 2:4, 3:3, 4:2:, 5:1, 4:2, … 1:5)
  • The Long Mile


Prayers for the brothers — growth, finding and calling the right men who need to be here and serving them — Helping them to serve others.

2.16.19 – One Q to Rule Them All

Saturday saw three of AO Mastodon’s PAX awaiting their Q in the brisk wind. After hitting the standard warm-up on their own, one resourceful PAX (Banks) decided today was a good time to break out the F3 Workout Deck they had purchased for just such an emergency. We Moseyed to the pavilion and proceeded to randomize our beat-down. After lucking out on the Ace pulls (for exercise, not reps) and turbo-ing through some cardio and ab workouts, some guy Q-drenalined his way into more bear-crawl than he could handle. Overall a good day and a well-rounded workout. Shout out to Archive for making it back to fighting shape after this week’s maladies.

COR/NOR/COT: Health, good spirits and recovery for 2/3 houses. Good, close relationships at home and hearts of service and personal courage.

Backblast, or it didn’t happen!

2.14.19 – Happy Cardio Day!

Thursday saw our Q once again whole minutes behind schedule. Thankfully the PAX already there saw him roll up before beginning a run around the park, and normal order resumed shortly after. Eager to try out his new idea on a human test subject, they settled in for a cardio heavy Valentine’s Day as the ice rained down from the trees.


  • Motivators ICx7
  • Windmills ICx15

The Indy 500:

  • 2 mi (the full “Ridgeway” this time) and SSH x 500 (sets of 50)


  • Ol’ Ironsides – (Boat/Canoe + American Hammer ICx10) x 2

NOR/COR/COT: Lifting up the business of life (home and work), and the weariness in the Crunch household. Prayer for a spirit of charity and encouragement to cover all.

Potential idea: The “Indy 5000” (an Indy 500 involving at least 3.1mi/5km). Named to scare people who have survived an “Indy 500” routine.

2.11.19 – Schrödinger’s PAX and the Birth of the Indy 500

With the Q rising in the gloom about 5 min before start time at AO Mastodon, the urge to fartsack was real. But fear of failing a posting PAX was once again the antidote to laziness. Hiking on the ruck and hurrying out the door, a 5-min late arrival let no one down but himself. Schrödinger’s PAX had already served his purpose, however, and with the momentum of his arrival, the Q kept rolling around the park. With no one to tell him how dumb his idea was, the first “Indy 500” was birthed.

Warm-O-Rama: (Jog to the park)

New Routine: Indy 500 – Define a loop (between .25mi and 2mi). Name an exercise. Run the loop, doing sets of the exercise at intervals. 500 reps or AMRAP until time.

  • this time: 1 mi loop, 500 squats (sets of 50, 2 laps, 2 miles covered overall)

NOR/COR/COT: Prayers for the unity and endurance of the F3 Wheaton team as they outlast the winter. Prayers for FNGs and those members who have been far afield this year.



2.9.19 – Divergence and the Solo Spartan

While F3 Naperville was mid-Convergence, Wheaton’s AO Mastodon crew went with a divide-and-conquer strategy. With Banks planning to make the trip down to Dark Tower and Archive and Avon holding down the home fronts, it fell to Capt. Crunch to keep the fire burning at Northside. With the ground too cold for the shovel flag to break through, it was braced against the fence on the hill-top, 9/11 style (minus any NYFD). Nothing left but to ascend the hill a 2.5 dozen times and light the beacons!


  • Motivators ICx7
  • Windmills ICx15

The Spartan:

  • Hill run + 10 Merkin at the top (x30) – (coupon carried for the first 10 and last 5)


  • Ol’ Ironsides – (Boat/Canoe + American Hammer ICx10) x 3

NOR/COR/COT: Prayers for the brothers converging, for the homes and communities that they shepherd and serve. Prayers for men to hear the voice in the wilderness and answer the call, however crazy.

Thought of the Day: Big commits are typically just a long string of small commits.

12.20.18 – The Solo Cindy

A slight mistiness to the air and a slow wake up saw our lone Q rushing to the park on a Thursday morning. He planted the flag a few minutes behind schedule, and realized his opportunity for a guilt-free overdose of stupid stuff. He rolled the (metaphorical) Dice of Discomfort and they came up Murph. After some standard warm-ups, he began the run.


  • Motivators x7 IC
  • Windmills x20 IC

The Thang:

  • Mile-run
  • Cindy (5 pull-ups / 10 Merkins / 15 squats)x10 in 10 min

It was about this point our hero was feeling pretty gassed, and rather than hit the diminishing returns of the 2nd half, he hit the 2nd mile. To motivate him through the legs, he threw in some Merkins…

  • Merkin Mile (25 Merkins after each quarter.)


  • Flutters IC x40
  • LBCs IC x50

NOR/COR/COT: prayers for the brothers, both at this AO and in the greater region and F3 nation; health in body, mind, and soul and a closeness with family and friends over the holidays. Prayers that the harvest would grow this year.