Roots + Ruck – 8/18/18

Two PAX posted on Saturday to cap off a muggy week properly. #EmbraceTheSuck

Looking forward to some events in the next two months, it was time for a weigh in, so they dusted off the “Roots” backblast. Ruck and shovel-flag in hand set to work. The ruck was traded between the PAX to slow down the runner in Catch Me If You Can runs between workouts.

Q-school Warm-a-Rama:

  • IC x 10 (Merkins / Mt. Climbers / Peter Parkers / Squats / Imp. Walkers)

Thang #1:

  • Jacob’s Ladder (w/ Burpees of course)
  • Benches (Jump ups / Derkins / Dips ) x 10… then x15

Thang #2:

  • IC x 10 (Flutters / Dolly / Rosalita / American Hammer)
  • Suicide Bear Crawls followed by 10 squats, then 20 squats
  • Base Running (partners) Merk./Squat/Imp.Walkers


  • Playground 25 pull-ups / 50 merk / 100 squats


Lifted up Archive at work and home to fill his role as leader and servant in turn in each area. For Crunch’s house that the weekend would be well spent in preparation for the start of school for everyone on Monday. Prayers for the brothers in the Diaspora.