05.23.2020 – Bridges are Hot Lava

It was a beautiful day at the AO, and finally the warm weather is arriving in Wheaton. 4 PAX showed up for this mornings beat down, including the triumphant return of TBTF! (Archive, Katniss, TBTF, Banks) After the workouts have been amped up recently, YHC felt it was necessary to keep the pain train coming.


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers

The Thang:

We took a tour of AO Mastodon, but added a wrinkle that all bridges had to be crossed without using your feet. Most PAX chose Balls to the Wall to cross, but Katniss did get creative on bridge #4 and try crossing on top of the railing. Due to this wrinkle, we deemed the bridges “Hot Lava”, and thus the workout had a name!

  • We started with Route 121. Starting at a lamppost, do 1 burpee and then mosey to the next lamppost. Continue this and increase burpees up to 11, and then work your way back down to 1.
  • We then moseyed to the Dan Taylor stretch and completed Dan Taylors up to 8: 1 Squat:4 Lunges, 2 Squats:8 Lunges,…., 8 Squats:32 Lunges
  • Next we moseyed back to the trail and completed a set of 11’s. 1 Merkin: 10 Star Jumps (For Katniss), 2 Merkins:9 Star Jumps,…, 10 Merkins: 1 Star Jump
  • Then we moseyed back to the start and completed 4 rounds of Monkey Humpers

6 MOM:

For Mary, we went around the circle and had each PAX call an exercise of their choosing:

  • 15x Gas Pumps IC
  • 25x LBC’s
  • 25x American Hammer IC
  • 25x Oblique LBC’s IC, 2x one for each side


Prayers for all of those who could not be there with us. Continued prayers as things begin to open to make the right decisions for our families and help us ease back into work, etc. and help us to find our new routines. Prayers and praise for E-learning coming to an end.


Today’s workout was hard, and not something that I would ever complete on my own without the other PAX there to push me. We have all gotten a little soft, both physically and mentally. It is good to get out there and push past our comfort zones and prove to ourselves we can do it. Putting the time in and pushing through the pain makes everything else we have to tackle in our everyday lives seem that much more doable. Keep your heads up men and keep moving forward. If you aren’t able to join us at the AO, keep pushing yourselves on your own until the world returns to a little more normality. Thankful for this group and the structure and change of pace it provides in our otherwise crazy lives.