4.25.19 – Noodle Arms and the Millennial Murph

Thursday was a comfortable 45 degrees with no wind, and 4 PAX gathered for their week-day beatdown. It was good to see Chelms, AO Mastodon’s launch Q with his monthly drop-in on the neighborhood. This Q was planning to ditch warm-ups entirely but we stretched out and hit some Tin Soldiers while Archive drove up, before heading around the park. More cardio than normal definitely kept it a quieter day, mumblechatter was almost non-existent. Maybe our humble Q is the main guilty party there…

  • Tin Soldiers IC x20

Thang #1: The Millennial Murph

Standard Murph, but each exercise is Millennial-style, so first PAX done calls the switch to the next exercise.

  • 1 mile
  • 20 sets (5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats) – blitzed through these in 11 min
  • 1 mile (scout run)

Thang #2: Burp Back Mountain:

  • Partner Exercise: 100 Burpees, take turns running the hill


  • Hurricane Hoedown
    • Seated Flutterkick x7
    • Reclined Flutterkick x7
    • Normal Flutterkick x7
    • LBC Flutterkick x7
  • Ol’ Ironsides
    • Boat / Canoe
    • American Hammer IC x10
    • Boat / Canoe
    • American Hammer IC x10


Prayers for the brothers — Prayers for a finishing strong as we look to end the school year — prayer for Archive’s hiring process — traveling mercies and strength of purpose for Banks and Chelms — gratitude for a beautiful morning of building up and beating down.

9/27/18 – Roll Call

With a bright moon and a bit of mist off the lake, 3 local PAX greeted the return of Chelms to our balmy, Northern AO. The Q was responsible for making sure his check-in gave him a good sense of what AO Mastodon brings on an average week, so we pulled out some old and new classics.

Motivators IC x7

Windmills IC x20

Burpee Mile

Triple “Kopeck” Nickle (Squats / Bernies / Monkey Humpers)

Colt 45s + Bears & Blocks – Banks vented his frustration(j/k) on a cinder-block, (ToDo: replace/glue)

Dips n’ Derks ICx15

Flutter IC x20

Dolly IC x20

American Hammer ICx20


COR / NOR / COT: Lifting up Scott in Wilmington and his family, having to struggle through medical issues separate from, but on the heels of hurricane trouble. Requests for rest in the midst of young parenthood, blessings on the group as they travel, work, and live.

Despite the Q’s penchant for overkill, the PAX hit it hard and kept it coming all the way through the end. Hopefully we all get a good stretch between now and Saturday.