4.25.19 – Noodle Arms and the Millennial Murph

Thursday was a comfortable 45 degrees with no wind, and 4 PAX gathered for their week-day beatdown. It was good to see Chelms, AO Mastodon’s launch Q with his monthly drop-in on the neighborhood. This Q was planning to ditch warm-ups entirely but we stretched out and hit some Tin Soldiers while Archive drove up, before heading around the park. More cardio than normal definitely kept it a quieter day, mumblechatter was almost non-existent. Maybe our humble Q is the main guilty party there…

  • Tin Soldiers IC x20

Thang #1: The Millennial Murph

Standard Murph, but each exercise is Millennial-style, so first PAX done calls the switch to the next exercise.

  • 1 mile
  • 20 sets (5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats) – blitzed through these in 11 min
  • 1 mile (scout run)

Thang #2: Burp Back Mountain:

  • Partner Exercise: 100 Burpees, take turns running the hill


  • Hurricane Hoedown
    • Seated Flutterkick x7
    • Reclined Flutterkick x7
    • Normal Flutterkick x7
    • LBC Flutterkick x7
  • Ol’ Ironsides
    • Boat / Canoe
    • American Hammer IC x10
    • Boat / Canoe
    • American Hammer IC x10


Prayers for the brothers — Prayers for a finishing strong as we look to end the school year — prayer for Archive’s hiring process — traveling mercies and strength of purpose for Banks and Chelms — gratitude for a beautiful morning of building up and beating down.