Father’s Day Q

6/20/2020 –


  • Motivators x7
  • AbeVigoda’s x15
  • Slow(ish) paced Indian Run around the AO (3 burpees) ending at the coupons


The concept was that I created a list of the PAX in attendance and then we would do an exercise that I thought of when I thought of that PAX. The rep count would be the PAX age and the reps would be the PAX number of kids (keeping with the Fathers Day theming). In reality I couldn’t remember everyone’s age so we just did 35 reps for everyone (or “rep equivalents” where 35 reps didn’t work out or wouldn’t be reasonable). Most importantly after we completed the exercise the PAX that was the motivation for the exercise completed was responsible for sharing a “dad joke” to the PAX so we can all build up our “dad jokes” arsenal.


  • 1 – Crunch – Dan Taylors
  • 2 – Banks – Burpees – 35 reps, 1 set
  • 3 – Noodles – Zombie Crawl up Hoffa (way harder than I remember) – there was some solid Halloween Q mumble chatter on the way up; Boo-urpee for the 6 at the top
  • 4 – Katniss – Star Jumps – we crowd sourced this one and got to the total rep count as a group
  • 5 – Archive – Coupon Squats – 35 reps, 2 sets + 15 reps in cadence (for the one on the way!)
  • 6 – TBTF – Rock Around The Block (10/10/10/5, only 1 set due to time)
  • 7 – HotBox – Coupon Back Rows (35 reps, 2 sets; cu short for time)

We returned the coupons and moseyed to the flag

CoR – Captain Crunch, Banks, Archive, Katniss, TBTF, HotBox, Noodles

CoT – prayers for Captain Crunch and family for safe travels to Pittsburgh as well as for all the Fathers to enjoy the weekend

Pi Day Beatdown

While the world begins to hunker down and hide from each other the PAX of AO Mastodon got out in the world to push themselves to become a better, stronger HIM than we woke up that morning. 8 PAX were in attendance: Shiplap, Archive, Banks, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Jazz Hands, Noodles, and TBTF.

WoR: We got things started with Motivators x7 (where I lost count several times, pretty sure we did the set of 4 twice), The move that has many names but I will call it AbeVigotas x15, and Ballerina Toe Squats x15.

Thang(s): It was a bit of an impromptu/make it up as we go Q but we started with a “follow the leader” mosey towards the playground, down the rock wall slides, toe taps along the brick retaining wall from the COOTES to the zip line, jog through the picnic area, up and over a few picnic tables, then we stopped for a couple minutes of dips. We moseyed on for a few minutes where we stopped and circled up for a minute of SSHs where PAX took turns SSH’ing in the center of the circle and Shiplap even pulled off an impressive cartwheel/upside down SSH. We then moseyed along the path and eventually ended up at the park equipment that looked like a ladder so we obviously climbed it, jumped down, and planked for a bit. Next we moseyed to the first bridge, lunged across it and circled up for 2 minutes of Merkins (the first of a ton of Merkins on the day). We backwards shuffled for a while then stopped for arm circles/seal claps, moseyed some more then stopped for 2 minutes of squats, moseyed some more then stopped for 2 minutes of burpees (Noodles may deny it but I really thought he requested them). We then moseyed to the coupons doing some mountain climbers and jump squats along the way based on the people/dogs we passed. Once we got to the coupon area we did a round of the beatdown deck without coupons. We then grabbed coupons and did an AO Mastodon original “Rock Around The Block” which is 10 incline merkins with coupon, 10 merkins with right hand on coupon, 10 derkins (merkin/plank walk to position), and 10 merkins with left hand on the coupon at which time I believe we were about all at the point of merkins failure. We then did another quick round of the beatdown deck utilizing the coupon were we could. We put the coupons back and moseyed to the flag.


Prayers for the group, families, and society in general as we work through the Corona Virus pandemic, prayers for people to maintain calm and minimize anxiety in these trying times, prayers for our parents/grandparents who may be in a more risky age range of the current pandemic, prayers for the families stuck at home for 3-4 weeks with no school/open activities for kids.

On Mondays We Ruck

There is always something about starting your week on a Monday morning at the AO that just sets the tone for the week. This week was no different. 7 PAX (Archive, Banks, Gummy Bear, Hose, ShipLap, Dovetail, and TBTF) were in attendance to get their weeks kicked off the right way.


We started off with Ruck Ballerina Toe Squats x15 (in cadence), Windmills x15 (in cadence), and Ruck Merkins x10 (in cadence) to get the blood pumping.


We then took a walk/mosey around the playground/picnic area where we eventually ended up at the bottom of our old friend Hoffa.

From there we bear crawled to the midpoint, planked for the six, did 5 Ruck Merkins facing 12:00 (head pointing straight up the hill) and rotated clockwise to do 5 more Ruck Merkins at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 (again) for a total of 25 Ruck Merkins. We then planked for the six and lunged to the top of the hill

Once we reached the peak of Hoffa we lined up across the top and created six stations (Squats, Plank Drags, American Hammers, Merkins, Overhead Ruck Squats, Lunges). While 1 PAX ran to the base of Hoffa and back to the top the other 6 PAX performed as many reps of the exercise for their station. Once the PAX running the hill made it back to the top the line of PAX would shift to the next station and a new PAX would run the hill until all PAX ran the hill and rotated through all 6 stations. We did 2 rounds of this.

Once we got the PT out of the way we proceeded onward for a leisurely ruck walk around the big mile. We did throw a little shuffling in there but mostly walking. We completed 1 lap and attempted to finish off with a small loop in the final minutes but the rain started coming down sideways out of no where so we moseyed to the “Coupon Cabin” where there was a covered porch for CoT.


Prayers for a strong week, prayers for general health given everything that is going around these days (ie wash your hands, etc).

Grid Iron L-B-C

It was a down right cold morning at AO Mastodon where 5 determined PAX came together to show Mother Nature she shall not stop them from working out for coffee!! PAX in attendance included: Archive, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Ship Lap, and TBTF.

WoR: We did a quick round of 7 Motivators to get the bodies moving and then moseyed to the high school football field with a football in tow.


We started out with the “Grid Iron L-B-C” routine (just made it up it’s not official; L-B-C in this context stands for Lunge-Burpee-Crawl). The PAX stood in one endzone. One person threw the football as far down the field as they could. The entire PAX lunged to the football and did 5 burpees. From there the same person who threw the ball now kicked the ball as far as he could and the PAX bear crawled to the ball. From there the PAX high kneed to the other end zone. We did 5 rounds of this (1 round per HIM).

Next we did a modified Bruce Lee routine to torture ourselves and theoretically work on core strength (I haven’t seen gainz). We did 6 exercises in a super set for 30 seconds each (3 minutes total for the non-math majors). We did 2 rounds of this. The exercises were: American Hammers, Leg Raises, LBCs, Heel Touches, Crunchy Frog, and 100s). This is heavily modified/reduced version of the official (per the F3 exercise list; check it out it is rediculous)

We then did field sprints as a PAX. We could not see the lines (field was covered in fluffy snow) so we used benches around mid-field on the sidelines as a reference. Starting in the end zone we sprinted to the first bench (about 30-40 yards) and Bernie Sanders back to the starting point, then sprinted to the second bench (about 60-80 yards) and Bernie Sanders back to the starting point, then sprinted to the opposing end zone.

We had a little time left before we needed to make our way back to the AO so we did a lunge caterpillar where the PAX formed a single file line holding lunge position until the last person lunged to the front. We also implemented the football in the routine by the last guy in the line throws to the front of the line and the football is then handed back through the line of PAX to end up back at the end of the line. If the ball gets dropped at any point there is a penalty burpee to be done. We didnt drop it all the way across the field!!!!

We then moseyed back to AO throwing the football around amongst the PAX. The penalty burpee rule was still in effect and we definitly did more than a few burpees on the trip back to the AO however Katniss had an epic catch diving into a snowbank (pretty sure he could go pro if he had Sundays free).


TAPS to those traveling to be safe and enjoy their time away, to Noodles/other PAX fighting illness, etc to feel better and take care of themselves, thankful for the good prognosis on Archive leg, and there may have been another I forgot.

1/30/2020 – Welcome To The Thunderdome….

It was a beautiful brisk January morning for 9 PAX to convene for a solid mid-week workout. Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles, Dove Tail, Gummi Bear, Hotbox, Ship Lap, and TBTF were in attendance.

WoR: We started with Motivators (x7), Windmills (x15), and a moderate pace job where we ran forward, side shuffle right, backpeddled, and side shuffled left until we got to the swimming pool parking lot were we proceeded to the “Thang”

The Thang: The Thang which shall be called “The Thunderdome” in leiu of me being able to think of a better name for it consisted of the PAX forming a large circle on one end of the parking lot. We did a round of 7 exercises (Burpees x10, Ground Zero Jumps x 25, Merkins x25, Squats x25, Mountain Climbers x25, Lunges x25, Side Shuffle Hops x100) as fast as possible. The first PAX done with any of the exercises in the routine counted to 10 while doing jump knee tucks. At the count of 10 all PAX stopped the current exercise to move to the next in the round. After working through all 7 exercises the PAX ran to the other side of the parking lot to do 20 Imperial Walkers and slow jogged back to the “Thunderdome”. We did this 4 times to get to approximatly 1,000 reps total in about 30 minutes. It was an impressive showing by all!! We then jogged back to the flag intermittently switching from standard jog to side shuffle right to back peddle to side shuffle left.

CoT: I waited a few days to post so I am not sure I remember everyones prayer requests but we are praying for Dove Tail’s successful completion of his final Architecture exam, positive willpower around food for Noodles (and really all of us as that is a struggle for me as well), Our families and Ms who make so much possible, and the group in general who drive each other to become a HIM.

1/4/2019 – 2020 Inaugural Saturday Boot Camp

5 PAX convened upon beautiful AO Mastodon for the first Saturday Boot Camp of the year. PAX in attendance were: Archive, Noodles, Jazz Hands, Ship Lap (FNG), TBTF


We started to get the blood pumping by doing a short mosey towards the baseball diamonds where we circled up and did Motivators x7, Imperial Walkers x16, and Abe Vigotas x16.


We continued our journey around the Archive mile moseying for around 1/4 mile and stopping for a 2 minute Merkin AMRAP session which was enjoyed by all. After another 1/4 mile mosey we stopped for another 2 minute AMRAP session but we did squats this time and this was also enjoyed by all. Next we continued on for another 1/4 mile mosey and circled up to to do the Chumbaburpee routine. Chumbaburpee routine consisted of listening to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba and every time “I get knocked down but I get up again” comes up we did a burpee . For those that kept up with the song we did 26 burpees in about 4 minutes. We then finished off the Archive mile with a final 1/4 mile mosey to the coupons. We grabbed a coupon and proceeded to the base of Hoffa. We then did the 11s routine with Manmakers at the base and burpees at top. We didnt get all the way through the routine but we were feeling good. We did a quick round of Mary at the top where we circled up and each PAX called out an abs routine of which we did 20 reps

We then moseyed down Hoffa and put the coupons back and made our way back to the flag, did CoR, NoR, and got to know and name “Ship Lap”. Welcome to the group Ship Lap!!


TAPS to Jazz Hand’s mother who has shown great progress regarding her health and prayers the progress continues, to Ship Lap as he joins the group and starts his F3 journey at AO Mastodon, and to Noodle’s M that she find peace in her return to work as well as they find a routine to manage this new obstacle in their journey with their 2.0.

The Final Countdown (12/28/2019)

We took advantage of the relatively mild weather for our last workout of the year and had a little fun at AO Mastodon!

7 PAX were in attendance: Noodles, Deep Dish (from F3 Chattanooga), Archive (1/2), Gummi Bear, Hot Box, Raisin (FNG), TBTF

We did a quick warm up consisting of Motivators, Tin Soldiers, and Arm Circles followed by a mosey around the playground jogging path on our way to the coupons.

We did a 3 part workout representing the year that has passed as well as the upcoming year end countdown and ball drop.

Part 1 – Year In Review

Part 2 – The Countdown

Part 3 – The Ball Drop

Part 1 – Year In Review – We did 12 rounds (1 round representing each month of the year) with rep count based on the number of days in the corresponding month.

  • Coupon Shoulder Press x31 (January)
  • Coupon Chest Press x28 (February)
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x31 (March)
  • Goblet Squats x30 (April)
  • Coupon Curls x 31 (May)
  • Derkins x30 (June)
  • Leg Raises/Coupon Overhead x31 (July)
  • Lunges/Coupon Overhead x31 (August)
  • Coupon Swings x30 (September)
  • Coupon Back Rows x31 (October) – we capped this off with a Noodles signature “boo-urpee”
  • Monkey Humpers x30 (November) – We did 3 sets of 10 while PAX formed a circle and went around the circle, there were some EC reps performed on the last round
  • Coupon Russian Twists x31 (December)
  • We then did 25 count in cadence (75 actual) Side Straddle Hops because why not

Part 2 – The Countdown – Since we worked our way through the year in Part 1 it was time for the countdown

  • 10 – Squat Jumps
  • 9 – Merkins
  • 8 – Dips
  • 7 – Shoulder Taps
  • 6 – Jump Lunges
  • 5 – Burpees
  • 4 -Dive Bomber Merkins
  • 3 – Carolina Dry Docks
  • 2 – Hoffa Sprints
  • 1 –  Minutes of Abs (anything; PAX choice)

Part 3 – The Ball Drop

I don’t remember what each PAX rolled but we did bonus burpees, merkins, squats (3 count down in cadence), Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, and the dreaded Bear Crawl/Big Boy Sit Up/Bernie Sanders super set based on what each PAX rolled.

We put the death di back in its hiding place and moseyed around the playground jogging path back to the flag which ended in a sprint once the flag was in view

We then named the FNG (from California) “Raisin”

TAPS to Noodles as he pursues career/personal development in his field, watch over TBTF as he pivots in his career to a new role, general health and happiness of the PAX