Suicides at the Tennis Courts

It was a great morning to be awake, cool, dry, and we had a great showing ITG for my run club VQ. Per usual, YHC didn’t want to “just run” and wanted to be kind to the PAX knees, ankles, and feet so we headed to the tennis courts at Mastodon.

WOR: There wasn’t any – stretch OYO

Run at a brisk pace to AO Mastodon just over a mile. The quicker PAX turned around and picked up the 6. Took all PAX about 11 minutes to get there.

The Thang:
Suicide 1: 4 total tennis courts = 4 down and backs. We did EMOM using 2:30 per interval gave the PAX some heavy breathing but allowed for full recover

Suicide 2: Down and backs across all 4 tennis courts EMOM for 5 Reps

Suicide 3: 2 down and back: 2 reps

Mosey back to ground zero as a unit

COR/NOR: Gummi Bear, Shamu, Tortuga (Respect), Hotbox, Cookies, Panhandle, Noodles, Katniss, Sparrow, Jolly

BACKBLAST Mastadon Thursday 3/18

Thank you @Archive@Banks@Beaker@Big Mac@Bloomer@Captain Crunch (AJ)@Da Vinci@Jolly@Noodles@SAGA@Sparrow@Tortuga@Whittler for joining YHC ITG. Thank you @Katniss for having my :six:. Special thanks to my buddy @Shiplap for inviting me to be Guest Q for a day

Got up at 4am, packed my bags and boarded the plane for The Mastadon
Arrived at 5:15aSet up lighted cones in the tennis courts

30°, wet, gusts of wind

Good morning!
We are not professionals and I am not aware of your injuries. This is a free workout, each pax participates at his own risk, modify as needed. We acknowledge that there is a new risk we all face, COVID-19. Keep 15+ feet workout distance at all times and respect non-F3 walkers and runner’s space..

Happy Jacks
Do 5 side straddle hops in cadence then after the 5th one everyone does two jump squats. Like this… Side Straddle Hops IC: One, two, three, ONE! One, two, three, TWO! One, two, three, THREE! One, two, three, FOUR! One, two, three, FIVE! Quickly followed by two jump squats. Repeat 4x or until no one can breathe
High Knees (20)
Imperial Walkers (15)
Capri Lap
Tappy Taps (12)
Abe Vigodas (12)
Arm circles (10 forward and 10 backward)Today the challenge will be very difficult, a combination of physical and mental. Once you pick up your coupon, don’t let it touch the ground again until 6:15am. Aye!

Mosey to the tennis courts

Curls/Chest Press
Begin at the first cone and complete 1 curl. Move w/coupon to the other side of the tennis court to the other cone and complete 10 chest presses. Rinse and repeat OYO Recover

Mosey with coupon to the other large parking lot

Thang II
4 corners 10x, 20x, 30x
High Pulls
Overhead Press
Goblet Squat
Tricep Extensions
Move to each corner as a group and complete one exercise 10x. Once all four exercises are completed (one exercise at each corner), repeat another round, this time 20x reps. Finish with round 3 and 30x reps.Mosey back to flags

6MoM (ran out of time)
Flutter kicks w/coupon (30

Site Q read Announcements


S.H.O.P Recreated

It was a beautiful morning at AO Mastodon. When your QIC rolled up to the AO @ 4:55 it was particularly gloomy, only fitting based on the beatdown that was about to take place. YHC set up the stations and patiently waiting for the PAX to arrive while polishing off my coffee for the extra energy needed!

WOR: SSH x 20, Good Ball x 15, Hillbillys x 20, Picking Daisey’s Right/Left, Quad Stretch Left/Right, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Tricept stretch Right/Left

The Thang: There were 5 station with the PAX split evenly. Each station was an AMRAP for 4 minutes with 30 seconds of recovery. Second time around the stations were cut to 2 minutes and half the rep count. At any given time your QIC can yell burpees and 5 burpees must be performed. There were also 25 burpees to start and 35 in-between rounds

Station 1:
20 Squats
20 Box Jumps
20 Lunges
20 Split Jacks

Station 2
20 Abyss Merkins
20 Table Press
20 Dips

Station 3
20 Bent Over Rows
40 Curls
20 1 Arm Rows
20 High Pulls

Station 4
20 derkins
30 Chest Press
40 Skull Crushers

Station 5
30 Leg Lifts
50 IC Flutters
50 Dbl LBCs

The PAX completed 135 Burpees which is 20 more than last time.
25 Before the first round
50 During the first round of station – 2 sets of 5 each
35 at intermission
25 during the second round.

NOR: Sparrow, Da Vinci, Big Mac, Noodles, Bloomer, Whittler, Panhandle, Hotbox, Saga, T-Bone (Respect), Tortuga (Respect), Jolly, Banks, Cookies, Katniss, Shiplap (Q)

Musical Dora

YHC showed up to Tar Pit at the normal 5:15 in preparation for a beatdown to remember. In all honesty, I was a little nervous for the workout myself. I have been reminiscing about my 17 years playing football and 10 years coaching and wanted to deliver a beatdown that reminded me of the workout I never thought I would miss.

WOR: SSH x 20, Picking Daiseys – Middle, Right, Left, Right Quad, Left Quad, Right Tricep, Left Tricep, Michael Phelps – all while listing to song #1

The Thang – Partner #1 completed the exercise while partner #2 ran the ramp of the gerbil wheel. After the partner running got back the pair swapped. They would do this until a song ended. Once the next song started they began a new exercise. Reps were not counted, and based on the mumble chatter this was welcoming

Standing Tricep
Bonnie Blairs
1 Arm Rows
Coupon Squats
BBSU w/ coupon
Skull Crushers
Upright Rows|
OH Press

We finished the workout right on time and ran 29-30 hills. It was nice to see the PAX challenge each other and sprint 80% of the hills. We all got better pushing each other

6MOM: Bicycles IC – the Q switched up the tempo to keep the PAX honest

NOR: Shiplap (Q), Beaker, Hotbox, Saga, Tortuga, BigMac, Jolly, Katniss, Panhandle, Gummi Bear

Nolan Richardson “AKA 40 Minutes of Hell”

It was quite cold as YHC stepped out of his warm car. Filling in for TBTF I decided to do a premade workout from the exicon. Due to the weather I wanted to make sure the PAX stayed warm and the Nolan Richardson did the trick.

WOR: SSH x 20, Baby Arm Circle OYO, Picking Daisys, Michael Phelps.

The Thang: Partner workout with accumulated red. PAX #1 back pedals 50 yards, completes a Bobby Hurley, then jobs back to starting point. PAX #2 completes the exersize

150 Burpees
300 Squats
150 BBSU
300 LBAC
150 Merkins
300 Imperial Walkers

Still 10 minutes left

Thangs 2: Some bigtime mumble chatter but the PAX jogged past the Gerbil wheel and completed 15 slow cadence merkins then jogged back to the parking lot

6MOM: Slow Bicycles x 20, hands over knee LBC x 20

NOR: Shiplap (Q), Cookies, Whittler, Rainbow Bright (went to AO mastodon – sorry Rainbow Bright), Tortuga, Katniss, Noodles, Panhandle, Jolly

COT: Healthy bodies, Cookies and his new job, Whittler’s little brother turning 21

Moleskin – Find someone to trust and FIND YOUR WHY!

Playing in the Sand

I rolled into Tar Pit about 15 minutes early. My cars thermometer showed 1 degree but was relieved there wasn’t any wind like the day before at ground zero. That being said YHC had to plan various Q’s based on HC’s and sandbags available. Luckily beatdown #3 was locked and loaded and fit our amount of HIM that posted.

WOR: 2 laps around the parking lot, 51 SSH IC, 15 Goof balls IC, picking daisies, Michael Phelps, arm circles

Thang 1: split up in 3 groups and jogged to the base of the gerbil wheel. Using the ramp side – we ran up the ramp then completed 10 Merkins IC. The QIC shouted out what % of a sprint to run.

50% – 10 Merkins, 50% – 10 Merkins, 75% – 10 Merkins, 100% – 10 Merkins, 100% – 10 merkins

Thangs 2: separated into 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2 – each group with a sandbag. One partner ran about 50 yards and back, one completed a sandbag exercises and 1 completed an ab exercise.

All exercises with a sandbag

150 clean and press/flutter kicks

200 squats / LBC

150 Rows / 100

200 Chest press / crunchy frogs

150 OH press / American hammers

200 BBSU / leg lifts

NOR: Cookies, Archive, Big Mac, Beaker, Captain Crunch, DaVinci, Banks, Katniss, Shiplap (Q), Jolly, Noodles

COT: praise for a beautiful morning and giving the PAX some mental toughness to post on a frigid day. We prayed for Cookies and his new endeavors, Captain Crunch fruit loops and their family as they continue to work through fruit loops health concerns, and the overall health of the PAX and the American people

Greta + 50: 7/11/20

It was a beautiful morning at the AO. A little less humid than the rest of the week, but a great temperature to get a proper lather and beatdown. We were all wishing we had @Hotbox ice water bucket about halfway through.

WOR – Motivator x 7, Merkins x -10 in cadence, Big arm circles  in cadence forward and backward x 10.

Thang – Greta 1, 2, 3 plus 50. We preformed one of the QIC’s favorite routines but added 50 reps to each exercise to challenge every PAX. Exercise 1 – 150 Block Burpees

Exercise 2 – 250 Squat to press

Exercise 3 – 350 Coupon swings

Partner routine – while one partner preformed an exercise, partner 2 ran the Hill. Once a hill run was completed the switched. Rinse and repeat until al reps are met

NOR – @Archive@Captain Crunch (AJ)@Noodles@Jäzz Händz@TBTF@Katniss@Sparrow@Da Vinci@ShiplapCOT – incredibility thankful for the group of guys and the opportunity to workout. Praise that AJ stayed at camp and has agreed to push through. Prayers that @Archive M starts to feel better from the pregnancy, and praying for @Jäzz Händz as he battles through anxiety and continues getting the help he needs.

Moleskin – Incredible Job by each and every HIM. This workout reminded me of the saying from “300” “we will put their name to the test”. This workout was meant to push everyone of us to the next level and put our group to the test. I loved the positivity and the words of encouragement throughout the workout. The desire to carry each other is the true power of the group! Great job fellas

Burpees of Misfortune

It was a brisk morning as your QIC showed up to the AO promptly at 5:00AM to prep for the 5:30 beatdown. I was able to find some dry side walk to write the beatdown on and scope out the AO to make sure we had ample amount of footing for today’s Thang. I felt extra motivated and wanted to make sure the PAX completed plenty of burpees to make sure we didn’t fall behind in the MABA challenge.

WOR: 10 Burpees, motivators x 7, 10 Burpees, picking daises, quad stretch, 10 burpees, arm circles, 10 more burpees – grab our coupons and head to the COOTIES.

The Thang: Start every round by a jog to the pool house parking lot and back – complete 10 burpees then progress through the 9 exercises completing 10 burpees at the burpee station after each exercise.

Exercises: 20 reps of each followed by 10 Burpees at the burpee station = 100 Burpees for 1 round
Pull Up
One arm Rows
High Pulls
Inverted Rows
Skull Crushers
American Hammers

NOR: Cookies, Banks, Crack, Jolly, Sparrow, DBC, Whittler, Da Vinci, Beaker, Tortuga, Panhandle, T-Bone, Hotbox, Bloomer, Noodles, Captain Crunch, BigMac

QIC: Shiplap

COT: Praise the Lord for mental toughness and the ability to get together. We prayed for Bloomer, his 2.0, and entire family as they go through a week of tests. We pray that the Lord gives them strength and leads them down the right path. we pray for the health of the PAX, their families and all of mankind.

Moleskin: Here is one undeniable truth that I know about each of us, we need authentic relationships with other men who are working to be strong fathers, husbands and leaders. Isolation will destroy a man! We have the opportunity to change our community and the trajectory of our families.  Getting in the best shape of your life is just a by product. The work out is the magnet, the relationships and community with other men will keep bringing you back. Lock shields with us and help us accomplish F3’s mission to invigorate male leadership in our community.

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

This is my Coupon

It was raining sideways as the PAX rolled up to the Tar Pit. The only thing standing in-between 7 brave PAX trying to earn their Jackpot was two rainy, wet workouts.

WOR – 35 IC Seal Jacks, coupon carry to the peir, arm circles.

After we picked up the coupon after the warmup we didn’t set it down until COT.

Thang 1: 11s with curls and coupon press. Mosey around the pool house after each round. Once complete the PAX moseyed to the base of the wheel.

Thang 2: 4 stations on each corner of the wheel: First round 20, then 10, then 5
Station 1: High Pulls
Station 2: OH Press
Station 3: Coupons Squats
Station 4: Triceps extensions

Thang 3: Dan Taylors with coupon x 5

Mary: Flutter kicks IC x 20, 15 BBSU, 15 Side Sizzors

NOR: Katniss, Banks, TBTF, Jolly, Shiplap (Q), Tortuga, Archive, Hotbox, Wet Burrito, Big Mac, Rain man,

COT: Praise for a beautiful day, healthy bodies, and supportive PAX.

11.19.20 Shiplap Mile

I was a surprisingly mild morning at AO Mastodon as 13 PAX posted for what I felt was an unconventional Beatdown for you QIC. I was excited to do something different and thankful Tortuga was my second in command to ensure proper social distancing.

Most didn’t get to everything but everyone was moving the entire time

NOR: Tortuga, Saga, T-Bone, Hotbox, Panhandle, Zelda, Katniss, Captain Crunch, BigMac, Shiplap (Q), Crack, Jolly, Beaker

COT: praise for a beautiful day, faithful PAX and the blessings of 2020. We prayed for Crack and his family as they travel to his 2.0s equestrian competition.