EC 9.19.2020 Iron Paxs Week 3 Makeup.

Seven Paxs met at 5:30am on a brisk saturday morning at AO tarpit. We conducted a quick warmup and then split into two groups; one of which conducted the iron paxs week three challenge and the other did a misc workout routine. There were a few surprises here, including a buzzer beater HC by Big Mac and Hotbox deciding to do ironpax, and Banks and Tortuga doing iron paxs week three for the second time.

Warmup: on Your own: stretching & jogging.

The group that did not do Ironpax was comprised of katness, Big Mac, and Gummibear. This group did the following workout:

Warm up: bear crawl from sideline to sideline and karaoke back.


Rifle carry coupon 10 yards stop and do 10 thrusters, rifle carry coupon 10 yards stop and do 10 uneven push ups, rifle carry coupon 20 yards and do 10 hoders. Repeat 3 times.

We then went on to the track where we encouraged those competing in iron paxs. To offer encouragement we did 400 meters worth of lunges along the track. I am still a bit sore from these this morning.

We then went to a chest/tri station doing the following 3xs: 12 coupon extensions, 25 bleacher dips, 25 bleacher decline push ups.

We ended with running with the iron pax competitors finishing up.

The group that competed in ironpax was: Tortuga, Noodles, Banks, and Hotbox. Kudos to Hodox for finishing in sub 37 minutes! Also it was great seeing Banks and Tortuga do ironpax week three a second time. Banks took two minutes off his original time. Nice job to Noodles for getting this in. Lets have as many of us possible complete iron paxs this fall.


9.14.2020 EC Night Run

4 pax posted; Banks, Tortuga, FNG (Tesla)! , and Gummibear

7:45pm Set Start Time.

Thang: We went on a four mile group run heading south on West Street, east on Front Street, and then winding through the north Wheaton Neighborhoods surrounding the college and back home to AO Mastodan. Total mileage: 4.1 miles. Average Mile pace: 9:15 per mile. We also had the FNG tell us about himself midway through the run, so that we could marinate on the best name ideas while our brains were alert and invigorated by the run and cool air.

NOR/COT: FNG Tesla named.

Moleskin: It was great having three other guys show up to this on a whim. Running on late summer/early fall nights is hard to beat!

9.11.2020 AO to AO Night Run

Six paxs; Crack, Double Beef & Chedder, Shamu, Noodles, Tortuga, and Gummibear posted at 9pm for a night run of 6 miles. Originally, we had just three paxs HC, but within a few hours of the event we had three more HCs including Double Beef and Chedder HC’ing with a buzzer beater minutes before.

Warm up: 5 minute stretch followed by about a quarter mile jog

Thang: Run from AO mastodan to AO Tarpit and back. 6 miles. This was a group run that included several releases. It was awesome to see that we all came in under 54 minutes to complete this. Kudos to Noodles for coming in under 54 minutes having never run six miles before, with his longest run prior to this being 2 miles. Running 6 miles at under a 9 minute mile pace!

Cooldown: walk around parking lot and stretch on your own.

NOR/COT: Crack; time away from home for work and hosting students at his home. Noodles and all of us being thankful for a group such as this to be able to post at for a 9pm friday workout and push one another.

Moleskin: It really is awesome to throw out a friday evening workout event idea such as this and get such a good response.

9.5.2020 EC- Just Banks and Me.

In spirit and heart the Q was present at AO Mastodon at 05:20am ready for business. The Q’s body however, arrived at the AO slightly later; at 5:33am. As the Q drove up, no cars were visible in the parking lot. All was quiet, all was peaceful. The Q stepped from his vehicle, wondering if he would be alone today. As he looked around he noticed, leaning against a light pole, one solitary bicycle. About five feet away from the bike a man lay on his back, on the ground, his knees up, his head resting on the earth, his eyes cast heavenward, observing the vast and seemingly endless sky, and perhaps thinking how small one is in comparison to the universe. That man was banks.

Warm Up: Jog

Thang: Jog

Cooldown: Jog

Banks and I stepped off by jogging to get warm. The cool crisp air was intoxicating. The stillness on a Saturday morning, even starker then that of a weekday morning. We felt as if we were the only ones living, while the world slept on. As we headed south on west street, the sounds of lawn sprinklers could be heard. Crickets were still chirping their evening chants. We dominated the road, with no vehicles in sight.

For good measure, I kept banks on his toes so he would not be lulled into sleep by the sandman and the enchanting early morning sounds. I would tell him to turn at the very last second, and would often take turns unnecessarily. This was part of his training today.

We ventured out about 2.3 miles and then back again 2.3 miles. On the way back we were galloping passed Marianos, with the bakery smells wafting into our nasal passages, when just there was what appeared to be some form of an exercise group comprised of about 20 individuals, most of them women, who were standing near their vehicles. They proceeded to stare at us in a quizzical sort manner. It was a hard silent stare, and we were not sure what it was concerning. Perhaps they thought we were part of their group coming to join and them. Some things we shall never know. We continued on, undeterred. Up Main street, the sun was coming out, the city was starting to awake from its slumber, to slowly start its Saturday dance. The workers were setting up the french market. But we did not stop, we pressed on. We turned west on Prairie, and we knew home was not far away. There, just around that bend, AO Mastodon awaited us.

COT – Amen

9.1.2020 Interval Training with Shiplap.


It was another beautiful morning with hints of fall felt in every molecule. The gloom is getting hazier and the air is getting a little cooler with each day. A change is coming on, and it was felt in each pax’s soul. These ax gathered for this particular morning workout in numbers too large to describe here. It was wonderful.


Jog over to coupons; each pax pick up a coupon and lay it along south side of hardball path facing the hill. Pax then formed a circle at base of hill without a coupon. 

Windmills 15 IC

Russian Soldiers 15 IC

50 IC Side straddle hops I/C (while we do these one each man will do one burpee, taking turns. As soon as the person to your left does a burpee you do when and recover and begin partaking in side straddle hops again). Burpee Dominos.

THE THANG: Intervals 

We will split into two groups, Group one led by shiplap and Group two led by Gummibear. With two stations in which the groups rotated inbeween every four minutes.


Station 1: Pull up Bars (Goal was to try and get through 15 rounds total in the 9 minutes of total work that you would have here throughout the workout)

3 Minutes of doing the following: 

5 pull ups

10 pushups

15 airsquats 

1 minute of rest where you rotate to the hill station. At four minute mark begin station 2. 

Station 2: 

Start just south of path facing hill. Each pax starts by laying down on chest/belly facing hill. Command is given to go and all pax sprint up hill and touch fence. Pax run back down to their coupon. When you returned to a coupon if you were not the last man you conducted coupon pulls until the last man returned. Once the last man returned the group leader gave command to rest. Everyone rested in laying down position for 20 seconds until group leader gave command to go, and then repeat race up hill. At the 3 minute mark stop, and walk over to the other station to switch. At the 4 minute mark you should be starting station 1. 

After each group had partaken in each station three times before returning to base of hill and circling up with coupons. 

Coupon Work Circle Up: 

25 Triple Crunches: When done lunge with coupon overhead. During this time shiplap entertained us with motivating words of encouragement.

25 Flutter Kicks I/C with Coupon overhead.

20 Leg Spreaders I/C with Coupon overhead. 

Mosey to return coupons. Circle up at the flag. Count off/NOR/ Announcements/COT. 

Moleskin: This was the first workout that a Q team was implemented in the schedule, as our numbers have grown. I really enjoyed working in a team with an assistant Q (Shiplap) and it was very helpful. It gives you a lot more ability to implement creative workouts that you could not potentially implements when you are a solo Q of a larger group.

08.29.2020 EC Iron Pax Week 0 Take 2

For those of us who missed Wednesday Iron Pax Week 0, or others of us who wanted to improve our prior time, 4 paxs; Noodles, Banks, FNG Shamu, and Gummi Bear met at AO Tar Pit at 5:30am this morning.

Warmup: Stretch on your own and jog around track.

Ironpax week 0 Times:

Gummibear: 26:03

Banks: 27:15

FNG Shamu: 30:41

Noodles: 31:40

NOR/COT: Prayers for the family and friends of a friend of banks, who just died.


I fully expected to be doing this workout alone today. It is really awesome seeing three other guys show up at 5:30am on a saturday. I have no doubt that they helped significantly improve my time, simply by being there. It was also really neat seeing both Banks and Noodles, who did the workout on Wednesday, significantly improve their times today. But perhaps, the thing I am most proud of and awestruck by, is the moment of brilliance that occurred during naming the FNG. He told us about himself, and for some reason the name Shamu had just been sitting in my brain as this FNG’s given name. It has no relevance to anything he told us about himself, it was just destiny. It was encouraging seeing Shamu show up for the first time to an ironpax workout! I am really excited for F3 Wheaton to turn in some very respectable times this year for ironpax. We have far greater participation this year compared with last year.

8.6.2020 Dan Taylor Lives Here

Another beautiful crisp morning at AO Mastodan with a good showing of 14 Pax.

Warm Up:

50 Side Straddle Hops I/C & 50 Mountain Climbers IC. Mosey

The Thang:

Mosey around AO stopping a few times to perform the following:

Station 1: 75 overhead Arm Claps IC and then the following:

10 push ups and rotations, 25 jump squats, 10 spiderman push ups, 20 bouncing betties, 10 reverse push ups.

Station 2: 75 flutter kicks I/C & then the following:

10 push ups and rotations, 25 jump squats, 10 spiderman push ups 20 bouncing betties, 10 reverse push ups.

Short sprint to back hardball path. Followed by Dan Taylors up to 10/40 split.

Finish at the base of hill for one sprint up the hill & back.

NOR/COT: Several paxs traveling next week Prayers for safety.

Moleskin: God is good all the time.

04 July 2020 Happy Fourth of July

Archive, Captain Crunch, TBTF, Noodles, Sparrow, Katniss, and Gummibear all posted.

The Thang:

Split into twos of two/three with those of like run speed. Each Team was given the following instructions to be completed in order as a team:

Run to the coupons: Each knock out 50 goblet squats. 

Run to the pull up Bars: Each knock out 50 toes to bar.  

Run to the World War I monument at North Side Park: Each knock out 25 hand release merkins and 25 air squats. 

Run to Memorial Park: Each knock out 25 hand release merkins and 25 air squats.

Run to Adams Park: Each knock out 25 hand release merkins and 25 air squats.

Run to the World War I monument at North side: Each knock out 25 hand release merkins and 25 air squats. 

Run to the coupons:  Each knock out 50 goblet squats. 

Run to the pull up Bars: Each knock out 50 toes to bar.

Meet at the flag.

NOR/COT/ Coffeteria for some.

05.05.2020 The Return of Courage In Numbers.

It was a misty, moist, may morning, but it brought with it memories of march, the march we missed meeting together. Molecules of water fell upon us gently, to encourage us that spring is upon us, but the sub forty degree temperature, seemed to be old man winter saying he is not far behind and may appear again at his leisure. It was gloomy, but the hints of dawn emboldened us. We were few, but we were not one; a change we had been longing for, a desire that had been reverberating through us during each merkin and squat we had accomplished alone, in our respective homes over the last forty five days. A cry, a calling, a chant, that seemed to echo in the background of every footfall during our many solo runs we had trudged through.

It was good to return, and yet it was sad. We three, we happy company, but it was bittersweet. For, deep down in our loins, we knew, that less than two months ago the world was a different place. We knew there would have been at least five or six more of our brethren at our side on a morning such as this. We miss them. The world, has changed. The hour seems bleak. But hope shines through. All is not lost. We are more serious now, we are no longer as care free, we hesitate a bit, we pause. But despite this Banks still jokes. Shiplap still laughs. Times are different, but hope endures. It is good to be together again, despite the literal physical distance of six feet or more between one another.

The Q was not early, but he was not late. He arrived precisely when he meant to. He was punctual, and that is all some hope for from this particular Q.

We three began with a nice warm up of:

20 I/C Bend & Reaches

25 I/C Squats

10 I/C Merkins

The Thang:

We then moseyed to the nearest bridge on the west side of the the pond, where the dandelions grow, where the tall grasses rustle, where you can see the picturesque view of Rosie’s in the distance; a beacon of hope reminding us that some day we may again congregate for a cold refreshing beer, together. This is where we began the simple trek. Do you know the bridge now? Can you picture it? Good, it is important that you know exactly where you are.

The Q does not boast of possessing a creative mind in the vein of Hotbox, or dare I say Noodles. He knows his limits, knows that he most likely shant ever lead a Q with a theme or story line. Knowing himself, and being quite sick of doing simplistic static exercises in the confines of his living room, as not wanting to be a spectacle to the neighborhood, the Q had chosen his exercises carefully; movements that he has not attempted in some time nor would attempt without being in a group where, for some reason it is far less scary to look silly.


From The west bridge to The intersection nearest the pool building we joyfully and gleefully cycled through the following, as the pitter patter of rain drops fell upon our noses:

Bear Crawls

Crab Walks


There is no limit on how long you may go before switching which of the three you do, But you must cycle through in order, and each time you switch to a different exercise you must stop and do five burpees, prior to making the switch.

Upon reaching our destination we mosyed back to the flag, doing some one legged jumps along the way.

NOT/COT- First actual meeting of multiple members since the stay at home order. Good to be back, while still keeping our distance.

3.3.2020 Some Forearm Heat

It was another beautiful morning. I arrived in typical fashion at the AO a few minutes early. As always, Shiplap appeared to be the first Pax there. There is some concern that Shiplap may in fact live at the AO. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Banks with a ruck & musical gear. He had been there for forty five minutes, completing the workout he missed when he snoozed. Then in the distance I saw with my keen eyes, Crunch coming through the fog with a coupon to boot. And last but not least, Hotbox appeared, with his standard wardrobe, of no sleeves and no pants. But no, alas, it is true, one more who did not HC came through! Katniss posted, coming in hot, despite a call to India that interrupted his sleep.

Warm Up:

  • Ski Jumpers I/C 25
  • Skater Squats I/C (10 each leg)
  • Leg Spreaders w/overhand hand claps I/C 25
  • Glute Bridge Ups I/C 15

Thang: We accomplished two sets of the following:

5 Coupon Get-ups 

15 Push ups w/ clap   

25 Coupon Triple crunches 

50 Coupon Pistol squats 

Bear Crawl while dragging two coupons until everyone is done with above.

Shuffle while holding two coupons around short loop.

NOR/COT: Prayers for health & the guys who were not here.

Moleskin: As I so poetically noted above, this morning each of the guys that showed up motivated me. It is always encouraging to see the commitment, despite each individuals’ busy life. In this lent season I have also been reflecting on the many Kings of Israel & Judah. There were many bad kings and some good. But only King Hezekiah was noted as having a heart like David. Hezekiah was only 25 years old when he began his reign, and he helped turn around an entire nation, because he sought the Lord with all his heart. May we seek the Lord in this season, and work with all our might at what he entrusts us with.