7.25.19 – “Love” & Basketball

It was a cool 62 degrees. The gloom was back! Met for another day led by yours truly, Noodles. There was nothing “Lovely” about this workout. Broke in the basketball courts at AO-Mastedon. Welcomed back a couple of HIMs ready to be put to the test!

WoR: Motivators x8, Abe Vigodas x8. We moseyed over to grab our coupons and it was off to the courts.

Thang #1: Suicides for Wannabe Ballers

Round 1 – Start at Baseline (BL) to Free Throw (FT) and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 2 – Start at BL to Half Court (HC) and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 3 – Start at BL to Opposite FT and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Round 4 – Start at BL to Opposite BL and back to BL – Starjumps x8

Thang #2: Shaq-Diesel

Round 1 – Merkins to forearms x25

Round 2 – Merkins, R arm on coupon x25

Round 3 – Merkins, L arm on coupon x25

Round 4 – Coupon Lunges (in-place) x50

Round 5 – Air Squats w/ Coupon x100

MoM: Supermans x10, Side Plank position hold – R leg up x10, Side Plank position hold – L leg up x10

CoR/NoR: Captain Crunch, Gaucho (HATE/HATE), CATS, Skirt Chaser, Archive, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Noodles – Prayers for Good Hands’ nephew recovering from being struck by car. Multiple body parts affected and in need of prayer for recovery. Bring his family peace and strength during this difficult season. Archive – Prayers for job search to bring clear and new opportunity that is best for him and his family. May it not be a stressful job search period. Skirt Chaser – Praise report for his sister in Peru, doing well. Prayers for his wife who is having difficulty sleeping. May sleeping come naturally to bring her plenty of rest. Captain Crunch – Prayers for GrowRuck in September and training period leading up to event. Push HIMs to show up and test their limits regardless of their decision to participate or not in the event. Use it as an opportunity to get stronger.



It was a nice 74 degrees. Perfect weather for an early morning workout. 8 HIMs made the Hard Commit to quit fartsacking and be present at Mastodon. The group was given fair warning that coupons would be in full effect. The boys were in for a workout that would test their strength and core. We welcomed a fellow F3 guest from Georgia, here on internship. When our mind is telling us no, we have to dig deep and find that burst of energy to get us through the workout.

WoR: Motivators x10, Abe Vigodas x10 + 2 EC noted by Banks! Thanks Banks. Quick mosey over to grab our coupons and continued w/ our mosey on over to the volleball courts, NKA “The Sandlot”.

Thang #1 – Introducing “Sea Turtles”

Captain Crunch’s sadistic name for bear crawls performed on sand. Thank you for giving it the name.

5 Rounds of Sea Turtles w/ strength and core exercises performed at each end. Total of 10 Sea Turtles, 5 sets of Strength and 5 sets of Core exercises.

Strength Exercises: Coupon Bench Press x50, Overhead Press x40, Plank Pulls x30, Goblet Squats x20, Manmakers x10

Core Exercises: LBCs x50, Imperial Walkers x40, Jumping Jacks x30, Mountain Climbers x20, Dive Bombers x10

5MoM: Hot Potato – HIMs to provide each other w/ Back to Back support and maintain squat position. Coupon then passed around side to side for 3 rotations.

NoR: Captain Crunch, Gaucho (F3 Georgia), Archive, Banks, Gummi Bear, Toolbox, Skirt Chaser, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Prayers for overall health of the group and continued motivation to push ourselves. M’s health and pregnancy.

7.4.19 – Rockets Red Glare

4 PAX made the HC on Independence Day. Started off w/ 3 PAX and ended w/ 4 Pax. The day was focused heavily on arms and core.

WoR: Motivators x8, Abe Vigodas x8

Thang #1 – Ring of Fire

Decline Merkins – 2 rotations around brick base of tree. Feet on brick base of tree, Down, Up, Step to the side and repeat.

Thang #2 – Heavy Artillery

Teamed up in pairs. First person to bear crawl to designated area and then carries coupon back to start position while partner remains performing deemed exercise:

Round #1 – Coupon Press x25

Round #2 – Shoulder Press x25

Round #3 – Plank Pull x30

Round #4 – Coupon High Pulls x25

Round #5 – Coupon Swings x25

Round #6 – Squats w/ Coupon x25

Round #7 – Plank Hold – 30 Mississippi

5MoM – Forward Arm Circles x25, Reverse Arm Circles x25, LBCs x50

CoR/NoR: Archive, Toolbox, Gummi Bear (FNG), Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayer for motivation at work, hopeful for a new project and/or decision to explore new job opportunities. Toolbox – Prayers for friends going through abusive period. Gummi Bear – Prayers so that he may be a good father/parent to his children and to be a better husband. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy. Prayers for Hoser and recover from knee procedure. Prayer for continued health and motivation to show up and get faster and stronger.

7.1.19 – Stairway to Heaven

No lights for Noodles (Q) since yesterday around 3pm. Spent the night in Bolingbrook and made the early drive to AO-Mastodon at 4am. Spent some time in solitude appreciating the gloom and early sun rise. If you want it, you have to go get it!

3 PAX made the HC. Too Big To Fail, the newest addition to the Ruck Club. Keep on coming TBTF! You’ll only keep getting stronger. Certainly unexpected but thanks to Archive for having an extra weight handy. TBTF, good that you brought a pack with you.

Made the start on our usual ruck to tally more miles. Took a detour to Wheaton High football field and did 4 sets of stairs (up/down = 1 set). Moseyed back over to the parking lot and off to our second mile to wrap up. Took the short mile to finish up our time. With detour to Wheaton High still put in 2.7 miles for a Time: 44m 30s

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks and Captain Crunch so that they continue to be safe during their travels. TBTF – Prayers for the upcoming holiday to keep everyone safe and still enjoy the festivities. Noodles – Prayers for Hoser’s knee procedure, treatment and speedy recover. M’s pregnancy and health.

6.29.19 – McEnroe & His Cabin

4 PAX made the HC and presented for another episode of Noodles & Company. Beautiful sunny day w/ temperature rising made for a drenched end result.

WoR: Motivators x10, Abe Vigodas x15, Mosey around the tennis courts w/ Q calling out Al Gores (regular/reverse), Lunges.

Thang #1: Wimbledon

Round #1 – Agassis x5 – Merkins x30

Round #2 – Agassis x5 – Squats x30

Round #3 – Agassis x5 – Scissor Kicks x50

Round #4 – Agassis x5 – 50 Step Ups (25 each leg)

Thang #2 – Cabin Fever

Planks pulls w/ coupon x30

Coupon Swings x30

Goblet Squats x30

Wall Squats – 2 minutes

Thang #3 – Hoffa

Linked Merkins – Legs to Back x15

Sprint #1 – Jumping Jacks x50

Sprint #2 – Bear Crawl Uphill w/ Coupon – LBCs x50

Sprint #3 – Bernie Sanders – American Hammers x30 – TBTF confused me on amount and did 20 EC.

Sprint #4 – Watch TV x50 Mississippi

6MoM: Arm Circles (front/reverse) until Halt, Arm Claps x25 – some did some EC until Halt.

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Skirt Chaser, Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks & Captain Crunch on their travels and so that they may find some time to put in the work. Skirt Chaser – Prayers for sister, Leslie, so that she gets the proper treatment in Peru and speedy recovery. TBTF – Prayer for health as something that is earned, so that we show up and put in the work. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy and to provide guidance to newly hired staff to start. Prayers for Hoser and speedy recovery.

6.13.19 – 4-Elements

Ran against the Wind. As Bruce Lee once said, “Become like Water my friend.” Set a goal today to work on cardio and be more fluid in our strides. The challenge at hand also involved a combination of exercises meant to push against Earth‘s gravity and make people burn like Fire. Front runners to always hold for the 6, Plank or Side Plank.

It was a brisk 53 degrees, 8 PAX waiting to warm up.


Toe Reach x 15 – 1, 2, 3 (1), 1, 2, 3 (2), in cadence

Motivators x 10, in cadence

Mosey to first bridge – “No man left behind, leave no man where you find him” Moseyed together as a group.

Thang 1

Bridge #1 – Mountain Climbers x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #2 – Squats x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #3 – Merkins x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #4 – Bear Crawl across the last bridge -> Sprint -> Grab coupon -> 15 Deadlifts x 15. When done sprint to Hoffa to hold for the 6.

Thang 2

Sprint #1 – Little Imperial Walkers x 30

Sprint #2 – Watch TV – 30 Mississippi count

Sprint #3 – LBCs x 30

Sprint #4 – Side Plank – 30 Mississippi count (Switch sides at 15 count)

6MoM – Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Guantanamo, Supermans

CoR – 8 Strong HIMS – Archive, Captain Crunch, Hoser, Banks, Toolbox, Skirt Chaser, Good Hands, Noodles (Q)

COT – Prayers:

Hoser -> Prayer for the Naperville guys and Ruck. Good Hands -> Grandmother – Prayer for health and recent health challenges, asking for motivation and sense of purpose to help cope w/ recent loss of her husband – Prayer for Naperville Family Day at the end of the month. Captain Crunch -> Prayer for the Unity Ruck on 6/22/19 and asking for health and a good turn out from F3Naperville, F3Geneva and F3Wheaton. Noodles -> Prayer for M’s health and pregnancy.

Thank you all for making my first Q experience a memorable one!