3.12.20 – A Day at the Arcade REMASTERED

8 HIMs made the HC for a Remastered Q led by Noodles. Musical warm up was in order and hitting the rock formation at AO Mastodon for some gaming.


Motivators x7

Pushin’ by Bun B (censored version) – CHECK IT OUT – Plank position and shoulder taps between lyrics. Merkin every time the word Pushin’ is mentioned. 4 minutes and 41 seconds of shoulder taps and merkins. Nice way to start a workout to promise PAX that no more merkins would take place.

The PAX moseyed on the back end of AO Mastodon until reaching the rock formation.

Thang 1: Centipede Remastered

Bear crawls – weaving between rocks until reaching the opposite side. Perform designated exercises at opposite side and weave between rocks back to the starting point.

Round #1 – Bear Crawl – Squats x100

Round #2 – Bear Crawl – Lunges x200

Round #3 – Bear Crawl – LBCs x100

Round #4 – Bear Crawl – American Hammers x100

Front runners to perform Guanatamo while waiting for your 6, your Q. I think Gummi Bear may have found us right around this time!

Moseyed back to colors.

CoR: Shiplap, Banks, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Dovetail, Hotbox, Gummi Bear catching his breath after a 1/3 HC, Noodles QIC.

CoT: Prayers for all F3 Brothers and families as prepare for what is to come during this challenging time with COVID-19. Prayers for health.

2.20.20 – 4 the Month You Love to Hate

A homage to one of my very first Q. “4-Elements”. Intensified the exercises since there is no new blood! 8 loyal PAX had held it down. “No man left behind, But leave no man where you find him.” Made some rep references to 2.2.20 & 2.14.20.


Motivators x 10 – the count immediately threw off Gummi Bear. Long enough count to still receive those HIMs riding in hot.

Abe Vigodas x 15

Mosey to first bridge – Moseyed together as a group.

Thang 1 – Groundhog’s Day – 2.2.20 = 24s – Felt like Bill Murray on this one. Different Exercises, same Crawl. 4 Bridges/stations throughout the park. Reach each bridge and perform the rep count. Bear Crawl across and hold squat position for 6.

Bridge #1 – Burpees x 24 Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #2 – Squats x 24 – Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #3 – ATMs x 1 Round (24) – Bear Crawl across bridge

Bridge #4 – Bear Crawl across last bridge – Grab a coupon – Bent Over Rows x 24 and sprint to Hoffa to hold for the 6.

Thang 2 – Valentine’s Day – 2.14.20 = 36s

Sprint #1 – American Hammers – 36

Sprint #2 – Watch TV – 36 Mississippi

Sprint #3 – Flutter Kicks – 36

Sprint #4 – Gas Pumps – 36

MoM: Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Supermans – Q calls Hault

CoN: Dove Tail, Ship Lap, TBTF, Katniss, Captain Crunch, Hot Box, Gummi Bear, Noodles QIC

CoT: Gummi Bear – Prayers for his Brother and start of new business. Prayers for his family’s acquaintance and foster care situation. TBTF – Prayers for their family dog so that God brings comfort and tranquility to his family as they cope with dog’s life limiting condition.

Moleskin: I’m always looking for ways to push myself and my F3 Brethren to the limit. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead a great group of HIMs. I always seek to do better and try my hardest to make a statement when it’s my turn to Q. Thank you for always challenging me!

1.18.2020 – Shock Treatment

It was a nice cold day. Plenty of snow on the ground from Friday’s snowfall. 6 PAX made the call for HC (Noodles, Archive, Captain Crunch, Ship Lap, Hotbox, TBTF, Banks). Today’s workout did bring out the inner child in all of us. Oh what fun it is to play in the SNOW!

WoR: Motivators x7, Batwings x10

Thang 1: Deconstructed CPRs and Chest. Moseyed over to grab some toys, coupons. We continued our mosey to the side of the baseball field. 4 Stations in play CPRs are usually Curls to overhead Press down to tricep and back down to Rest position in one motion, repeat. Perform the following at each station, mosey back to starting station and go down in reps by 10.

Station 1 – Curls – x40, 30, 20, 10

Station 2 – Overhead Press – x40, 30, 20, 10

Station 3 – Triceps – x40, 30, 20, 10

Station 4 – Coupon Press – x40, 30, 20, 10

Front runners to hold plank, Watch TV and build Snowmen while waiting for the 6.

Thang #2 – Polar Bears

Modified version on Bears and Blocks in the snow. HIMs to perform a wrestling shot on the outer side of coupon then drag block forward. Repeat but shoot on opposite side and drag. Noodles counted 30 feet and drew stop line. HIMs to relay to stop line and back to starting point. 4x total.

Thang #3 – Hoffa

2x uphill – HIMs choice to bear crawl up or run. HIMs choice to run down, some chose to Swan dive down the hill (Banks).

MoM: Shoulder Taps – Q calls time, Watch TV – plank on elbows and hands under chin – Q calls time

CoR: Archive, Captain Crunch, Ship Lap, Hotbox, TBTF, Banks, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Praise for first week on the new job for TBTF, Prayers for health in the coming days and months. Prayers for onboarding of new employee/s and employee departures. Prayers for continued motivation to be out in the winter cold putting in the work.

1.6.20 – Ruck Club – Fast & Furious

8 PAX posted early morning. Newcomer Ship Lap was #2 on site followed by other familiar faces out due to travel and sickness. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day on our hands. The day was full of rucking, shuffling and plenty of PT because Noodles’ knows no better way to lead a good ruck club. Stamina, Strength and Conditioning were tested. Surely, Captain Crunch was overheard stating, “You’re breaking me Noodles”. Oh what a compliment!

WoR: Abe Vigodas: x20, Ballerina Toe Squats x20

Thang: Ruck/Shuffle through the back end of AO – Mastodon until reaching pool building. 1 Minute shuffles in between and 2 stops along the way w/ plenty of exercises in between:

Stop #1 – Bear Crawl & Ruck Drag to opposite side of field.

Continued Ruck/Shuffle until reaching pool building.

Stop #2 – AML(Laps)AP – Set of stairs in play, Up/Down, at each end between pool building and other end of parking lot:

American Hammers x 25 – 6 Laps Total

Squats x 25 – 6 Laps Total

LBCs x 25 – 2 Laps Total

CoR: TBTF, Hotbox, Archive, Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Banks, Ship Lap, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Gratitude for new year and getting back to work. Thanks for a growing group at AO Mastodon. Prayers for motivation to HC moving forward. Noodles – Prayers for M and transition back to work and Noodles’ start of online courses.

12.30.19 – ATMs & CPRs

Three’s Company, Three Musketeers, 3’s a crowd. Three HIMs posted early morning. Weather was gloomy and foggy. We had combination rain, sleet and ended w/ snowfall.

WoR: Abe Vigodas x15

The Thang: Rucked our way along the long mile route w/ stops in between for some PT. Something old and something new was the theme.

Stop #1: ATMs

Alternate Shoulder Touches x 15 – 4 count

Merkins on Cadence – Down 1, 2, 3, Up 4. x 15

Merkins OYO x 15

Stop #2: CPRs

4 Count – Curl/Overhead Press/Tricep back to Rest x15

Stop #3: ATMs x 10

Stop #4: CPRs x10

Stop #5: ATMs x5, CPRs x5

CoR: Too Big To Fail, Gummi Bear, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers to wrap up end of the year projects that may carry into the beginning of the year. Prayers for motivation on more winter days to come. Give us the energy, initiative and holding ourselves accountable to post when our bodies crave the fartsack!

12.12.19 – 12 Thangs of Christmas Beatdown

Four PAX gave a Hard Commit to Noodles’ Holiday Calling! We surely did not sing carols! Gummi Bear, I hope Christmas is still your favorite holiday season after this one!

WoR: Motivators x5

Thang: 12 Thangs of Christmas

We all know the tune. Today’s beatdown went along w/ the concept of this famous carol. Oh, let’s not forget Coupons (Cinder Blocks) for some of these favorites. In summary:

On the ___ day of Christmas my QIC gave to me:

1st Day – Manmakers x1

2nd Day – Previous exercise + Thrusters x2

3rd Day – Previous exercises + Curls x3

4th Day – Previous exercises + Overhead Press x4

5th Day – Previous exercises + Bent Over Rows x5

6th Day – Previous exercises + Merkins x6 (w/o Coupon)

7th Day – Previous exercises + Squats x7 (w/o Coupon)

8th Day – Previous exercises + Lunges x8 (w/o Coupon)

9th Day – Previous exercises + Burpees x9 (w/o Coupon)

10th Day – Previous Exercises + Goblet Squats x10

11th Day – Previous Exercises + Deadlifts x11

12th Day – Previous Exercises + .72 mile mosey

MoM: My definition of stretching was a little different than Banks’.

Calf Raises x25

LBCs x25 (cue Banks!)

Sitting Toe Touches – Q calls Hault

Sitting Right Hand to Left Leg Toe Touch – Q calls Hault

Siting Left Hand to Right Leg Toe Touch – Q calls Hault

Fingers/Hand Walk – walk your fingers/hands between your legs as far back as possible – Q calls Hault

CoR/NoR: Gummi Bear, Archive, Banks, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Alleviate some of the busyness at the end of the year, Boredom/Motivation on the job and asking for quality projects to present themselves before end of year, Joyful Christmas season.

11.30.19 – Merkin Hour

After a Thanksgiving Q by Gummi Bear and a 10.5 mile ruck led by Captain Crunch, it was Noodles’ turn to give the legs a rest and come up w/ something disrespectful! How disrespectful? Oh, just an hour of merkins. 8 PAX posted for a memorable beatdown! Chilly conditions and just avoided the day’s rainfall. By the end of the workout, even w/ a half HC from TBTF, PAX had a combined 1693 merkins!

WoR: Little Merkin Boy – Noodles started the day w/ a little music to get everyone warmed up and in the holiday spirit. Not your ordinary holiday tune. A holiday classic by Bing Crosby. HIMs were to hold plank and perform a merkin every time they heard, “Pa rum pum pum pum”. 3 minute plank, 21 push ups.

Thang 1: Picnic at the Park

Coyota Uglys – x5 (20 Merkins in total) – Exercise in a wheel barrow position w/ partner and perform the following: Start on the ground and step up to picnic table ‘seat’ with their hands, 1 Merkin. Step up to top of the ‘table’, 1 Merkin. Step down to the ‘seat’, 1 Merkin. Step down to the ground, 1 Merkin. That completes 1 rep. Switch with Partner.

Angle Grinders – x10 (20 Merkins in total) – Starting in pike position, touch your hand to the opposite knee perform a merkin. Then, touch the other knee and perform another merkin. 8 count: 1. Touch knee 2. Return to plank 3. Down Merkin 4. Up Merkin 5. Touch opposite knee 6. Return To Plank 7. Down Merkin 8. Up Merkin

Abyss Merkins – x15 – Right hand and foot on one bench, and left hand and foot on the other bench. Lower into the space between the benches as far a possible.

Thang 2: Hoffa

Clock Merkins – PAX moseyed halfway up Hoffa and line up horizontally. 5 Merkins at each hour called by Noodles. All hours on the clock called randomly for a total of 60 Merkins.

Next, Bernies up the hill on each round and perform the following Merkins at the top of the hill:

Round 1: Crucible Merkins x10 – Wide Merkins w/ hands rotated out 90 degrees, facing away from body.

Round 2: Merkin Wipes x10 – Merkin down and touch your nose to each of your hands, back up.

Round 3: Prime Time Merkin x10 total (5 each leg) – Merkin w/ R leg off the ground, toe pointing out. Merkin down alternate L leg off the ground.

Round 4: Punch Up Merkin x10 total (5 each arm) – Perform Merkin punch forward x10, punch to the side x10, punch up x10.

Thang 3: Save the Best for Last

Mickey Mouse Merkins x5 – Wide Merkin, Diamond Merkin, Wide Merkin = 1 (15 total)

Worst Worst Merkin Ever x5 – Crucible Merkin, Wide Merkin, Regular Merkin, Diamond Merkin = 1 (20 total)


Superman Merkins x5 – Merkin down to Superman stretch and hold until called by Q. Repeat

T Merkins x5 – Merkin down, arms to the side and stretch shoulders until they touch each other, hold until called by Q. Repeat

CoR: Banks, Captain Crunch, Jazz Hands, Gummi Bear, Hotbox, Archive, TBTF (half HC), Noodles (Q)

CoT: Banks – Prayers for normalcy to return to everyone’s lives after one holiday and in preparation for another. Jazz Hands – Prayer’s for his mother, her health and recovery. Captain Crunch – prayers to finish off the year strong. Archive – prayers for rest. Gummi Bear – prayers for his sister’s newborn baby and her health.

11.18.19 – Back to the Basics

After a hiatus due to illness and 2.0 duties, Noodles stepped back into Q mode for today’s Ruck Club. 3 PAX posted for an Archive mile ruck and PT along the way. Basic workouts included some oldies but goodies.

WoR: Abe Vigodas x20, Ballerina Toe Squats x15

Thang: Moseyed along Archive mile w/ Noodles on Q. Performed the following exercises at stations along the route:

Exercise #1 – Thrusters x25 – OYO

Exercise #2 – Merkins x25 – In Cadence

Exercise #3 – Squats x50 – OYO

Exercise #4 – Ruck Pulls x25 – OYO

Exercise #5 – American Hammers – x25 – OYO

Exercise #6 – Get Ups – x10 each arm – OYO

Ended the morning w/ a sprint up Hoffa and closed w/ Side Straddle Hops x30. Total mileage – 1.5 miles.

CoR/NoR: Archive, Banks, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for motivation to start and end our week right. Praying for guidance, direction and revelation of God’s path in our lives w/ regards to our careers. Submit to our selfish desires and be reminded of God’s mission according to the gifts he’s given us to serve others.

11.2.19 – They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

*They came* – 5 PAX in attendance (Captain Crunch, Archive, Hot Box, Banks, TBTF)

*They saw* – A fun filled hour of physical achievement. We utilized the jogging paths starting out on the Archive mile and then worked our way around the inner loop (not sure if that route is named after anyone yet). The structure of the workout was to do a 2 minute light jog then stop and do 2 minutes AMRAP of a specified exercise and ending each stop with 5 burpees. Also if we were to pass anyone on the path we were to stop and do 10 mountain climbers. This only happened twice and it was the same person both times (she was just jogging the same route we were but in reverse)

The routine looked like this:

2 minute slow jog – Warmup – Motivators x7, Tin Soldiers x20

2 minute slow jog – Merkins (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5 (We forgot the burpees on this set:))

2 minute slow jog – Squats (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5 (We forgot the burpees on this set too :))

2 minute slow jog – Sprints (sprint distance/jog back) x3, Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Heavily Modified Bruce Lee Routine – We did 6 moves (listed below) x 30 seconds each (superset) x 2 sets (30 seconds rest between sets), Burpees x5

1 – American Hammers

2 – Leg Raises

3 – LBCs

4 – Heel Touches

5 – Crunchy Frogs

6 – 100’s

2 minute slow jog – Merkins (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Squats (AMRAP in 2 minutes), Burpees x5

2 minute slow jog – Sprints (sprint distance/jog back) x2, Boo-urpees x5 <– Shout out to @Noodles

We then moseyed back to the flag.

*They conquered* – Everything they saw! Great job gentlemen!


Prayers for Jazz Hands that his knee feels better and doesn’t linger, safe travels for Gummi Bear and family (includes honorary PAX Gummi Worm), and that we be present and contributing at home.

10.31.19 – The Walking Dead

Excitement was brewing leading up to Noodles’ Halloween BC workout. Either too many emojis or too many mind games. Either way, 7 PAX posted at AO-Mastodon for a workout meant to raise the DEAD!

WoR: Frankensteins x20, Batwings x10 (3 count – Forward Arm Circles, Backward Arm Circles, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps), Webbecides (Suicides adding +1 Merkin at each line – total 78 Merkins)

Thang #1 – Body Snatchers (Coupons = Corpses) 2 sets

In sequence – Corpse Presses x30, Dead Lifts x30, Skullcrushers (Triceps – behind head to over head) x30 – Repeat x10 each exercise.

Thang #2 – Zombie Hill AKA Hoffa

Zombie Crawl uphill x3. Perform the following exercise at top of the hill on each round.

Round #1 – Crucible Merkins x20 (wide merkin, hands 90 degree to the side)

Round #2 – Dying Cockroach (4 count – Lying down, legs up, hands up and hold 4 count = 1)

Round #3 – BOO-Urpees (classic adding an extra step prior to overhead clap, cover face and yell “BOO” on overhead clap).

NoR: Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Archive, Hotbox, Banks, TBTF, Noodles (QIC).


CoT: Archive – Prayers for continued motivation and direction as he continues his job search, provision for his family. Gummi Bear – Prayers for safe travels to Minnesota in celebration of his wife’s grandfather, turning 90. Noodles – Praise report for 2.0 gaining 1.6 lbs, continued prayers for 2.0 health, rest and patience.