Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Two PAX busted through the gloom (Archive QIC, Captain Crunch).

Slaughter Starter (SURPRISE!) 10 burpees

WOR- 7x Motivators, Lunges, Backwards Run.

Thang 1- Bataan Death March: Indian run with burpees.

Thang 2- 2x Wilt Chamberlains: 100x LBCs, Flutters, Squats, Lunges

Thang3- Spartan- Run to top of the hill, 10 merkins at top. We did 5.

COR NOR- Prayers for the group, for rest, and giving thanks for a misty morning.

9.6 F3 Wheaton

9.6 F3 Wheaton


3 Pax punched through the gloom.

7 x Motivators
20x Sun Gods

Merkin Mile – 25 Merkins each 1/4 mile 4x

20x Dolly
20x LBCs
20x Flutter Kicks
50x Hundreds

2x Bernie Sanders uphill

Burpee Mile 12 burpees each 1/4 mile 4x

COR NOR Archive, Captain Crunch, Banks. Gave thanks for a good morning to get stronger and more disciplined.

8.25 Clenching it.

2 PAX (Banks, Archive) woke up to sweat it out. 


7x Motivators

15x Windmills



1 Mile Run (8:03 for Archive, ~9 for Banks- really pushing himself #IronSharpensIron)

Thang 1: Under the Pavilion

15x: Side Leg Raises, Front Leg Raises, Side Plank, Merkins, Dips. Fliporama.

10x Derkins.

Burpee Mile- Cut a 1/4 mile short by Archive (QIC) having to poop. Nothing like a sweaty dump.



It was a good morning to be out there, besides having to clench it for the entire Burpee Mile. Captain Crunch was coming back to 100% after a virus. Major respect to Banks for pushin through all the running and taking time from his busy schedule (school, job, family) to wake up to get better. 

8.21 BOMBS over Orlando

3 PAX ( Archive QIC, Captain Crunch, Survivor) arrived at a humid (for Wheaton) AO for a not so gloomy beatdown.


7x Motivators

15x Windmills

15x Imperial Walkers

Thang 1: Welcome Party

15x OHCs

15x Chinook

15x Sealclap

15x Merkins

15x Plank Jack

10x Burpees

15x Flutter Kicks

15x American Hammers

30x LBCs

Mosey to Hill

Thang 2: BOMBS

All PAX finished the squats together.

It was great to see Survivor out at our AO. Really solid guy- I felt so encouraged hearing his story. Gave me the kick in my 32-year-old pants that I need to stop complaining and keep getting stronger. I may feel tired waking up but I’m not going to be more capable for my family if I’m sleeping in every morning.

Nor cor

Prayers for travel mercies for Survivor, Captain Crunch’s kids starting school, and Archive’s daughter going through a clingy phase.

Hope to see more of you F3 Orlando guys- you got a HIM in Survivor.

8.9 When I Was Your Age…

Two local PAX were met by one South Carolina PAX as the sun threatened to rise. The weather was already perfect, so with some brief introductions we got down to business.

The Old Fashioned:

  • Motivators x7
  • Abe Vigoda ICx15

Up Hill Both Ways:

  • 1 mile run around the lake
  • B.O.M.B.S. (x2 Hill Runs) (this is normally a partner exercise, but with our “three-legged partner system we each took turns on the exercises at the base of the hill and ran up the hill twice between rotations at the bottom)

The Slaughter Rule:

  • Boat / Canoe
  • American Hammers ICx15
  • Flutters ICx20


Gratitude for the weather, blessings on Harry Caray’s mom as life and relationships shift a bit, continued prayers for R&R at the Archive house, and for parenting that is full of love, patience, joy, kindess, and peace at the Crunch house.

Closing thoughts: It was fantastic having Harry Caray doing F3 back in his homeland, and completing his circuit to all of the Chicago AOs. We had more exercises planned to complete the theme, but doubling up the hill runs definitely fulfilled the “life was hard” and the “I’m going to complain about this now” aspects for this Q. Archive and Harry made it look easy.

8.4 Millennial Men

After a long break in writing these- I’m back on the wagon. A very hot and sticky morning didn’t deter 4 PAX (Archive QIC, Captain Crunch, Banks, Tortuga) from working hard enough to smoke yours truly in his attempt to Q. Can the Q call his own 10-count? I did.

Warmup- 7x Motivators, 15x Imperial Walkers, 15x Windmills.

1/2 mile run.

Arrive at soccer field- Millenial: Run to opposite goal post and back (~100 yards)

PAX does AMRAP of called exercise until someone hits 100 reps.

Exercises: 1. SSH 2. Split Jack 3. Merkins 4. LBCs (This is where I smoked myself- red in the face until 30 minutes post workout) 5. Shoulders Taps 6. Flutter Kicks 7. OHCs 8. American Hammers 9. Dolly 10. Burpees (as a group)

Return to Flag- Bear Crawl Ring O’ Fire


Thanks for a good day of work together- coffee with Captain and Tortuga was awesome. See you in the Gloom.

7.28 LEG DAY 2: The Re-Running

Three PAX posted for our last Saturday of July. The Q continued to suffer from a lack of originality and recycled some old standby. For spice, we got rid of the awkward ab exercises and doubled down on the running. Definitely had time for some overtime, we’ll see if that exercise makes a comeback or not…
The Standard:
– Motivators x7
– Windmills IC x20
The Runs: (half-mile splits)
– Bolt 45s
– Dan Taylor (1 Squat:4 Lunges – 2:8 – 3:12 …)
– Colonel Trautmans (2 rounds)
– Windshield Wipers ICx20
– Hill of Fire = Bear-down + Bern-up / People’s Chair (partner exercise) (two cycles was plenty)
On your 6:
– James Bonds
– XYs ICx20
– Rosalita Whip ICx20

– Boat / Canoes

Prayers for rest / stamina in the Archive house. Prayers for patience / wisdom in the Crunch house. All fine on the Banks front this week.

6.14 Superman Vs. Superman Returns!

The early light of Thursday saw two PAX meet at AO Mastodon, ready for a challenge. The goal: to not be the last guy done with the Super 21. The price of failure: doing 21 reps of whatever the other guy called. Crunch called Absolutions, Archive raised it to Bodybuilders, and we got down to it.


Motivators IC x7 (what else??)

ATM x1

Mosey up the hill for…

The Thang: Superman challenge

Super 21s

Last guy does whatever exercise the first called at the start

It was close but Crunch had to do Bodybuilders! Archive did them too because he preferred it to planking(!?)

Mosey back to the flag



Dolly IC x20


Prayers for rest, patience and endurance for Archive’s family as they weather Baby #2’s first months of sleeping and not sleeping. Prayers for Crunch’s ability to lead his team at work; patience, endurance and wisdom in guiding the children to completion on their potty training. Lifted up Junior and his family with the arrival of baby #3 to their house. Lifted up LightsOut as a member of his family begins chemo. Prayers for the brothers present and at large.

Thought for the day: One has not lived, until one tries to Boat/Canoe immediately after 231 sit-ups.

6.23 For Farmers Only

1 Pax (Archive) toted himself to a very soggy AO for a self administered beatdown.


7x Motivators

15x Sun Gods

15x Tin Soldiers

15x Side Leg Raises , Fliporama

15x Front Leg Raises, Fliporama

15x Side Plank, Fliporama

15x LBCs

15x Flutter Kicks

15x Rosalitas

Thang 1- Farmers Hill Carry

2 x 25# Weight Plates

3 x to top of the hill. 15x bicep curls at top, 5 x merkins at the bottom.

Never thought my fingers could get this tired….

Thang 2- 1.5 mile run 8 minute pace.

I feel really grateful for the ability and motivation to get up and work out every F3 day. I’ve never made it more than 3 months or so into a commitment to work out- it’ll be 9 months this coming Saturday. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve spent time with some inspiring dudes. Here’s to another 9 months. See you all out there.