7.20.19 – Beating the Heat

With a heat index threatening our fun, 5 stalwart PAX (Archive, Banks, Jazz Hands, Noodles, Crunch(QIC)) posted in a muggy 80 degrees before it got any hotter. The Q’s genius plan to keep exertion to a maximum and heat related smart-sacking to a minimum was the addition of a makeshift kiddie pool courtesy of some not yet utilized workbench lumber. It worked surprisingly well for being slapped together, and we got good and soaked regularly throughout the rotation. We had rucks enough to go around, so no one had to do the modified coupon version.

The Standard: 

  • Motivators IC x 7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x 14

The Water Workout:

  • 100 Ruck Squats
  • 1 Kraken Ruck Burpee in the “pool” (3 hand release merkins)
  • Ruck up the hill
  • 70 Ruck Push-ups
  • 33 Ruck Swings
  • 30 Lunges down the hill
  • Mandatory water-break
  • Repeat all of the above steps 2 more times

The Filler:

  • PAX played “Deck of Pain” (draw two: 1st card is your exercise, 2nd card is your rep count) with the workout cards until the 6 arrived.
  • Tear down the “pool” and haul it to the Q’s car

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for job applications, upcoming work-travel for Banks, “Crunch’s rat disease-thing”, Noodles 2.0 (and his room!) — praise that we all beat the heat and lived to tell the tale.

Thought of the Day: It has been a long time since I did that many modified push-ups.

7.15.19 – EMBRACE. THE. GRIT.

Sometimes it’s not the reps, it’s the environment that gets to you. Sometimes it’s not the body, but the mind that refuses.

The sun rose and 3 unsuspecting PAX (Noodles, Banks, Gummi Bear) rucked over to Mastodon to perform a morale test. This morning’s sadistic Q (YHC, Crunch) felt like rising to the bait of our sand and surf rucking challenge this month and even found a nice little tucked away sandbox for our ruck PT pleasure. (Mastodon has it all!)

Warm o Rama:

  • Ruck Motivators IC x 5
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 10
  • Arm Circles over to the C.O.O.T.E.E.s ring
  • One Complete Ruck-Up (a pull-up or dead hang for 30 seconds)

The Thang:

Proceed to the volleyball courts (tucked behind the aquatic center) for a lovely patch of damp sand. Try not to get it in your eyes while bear crawling.

AMRAP for 20 min:

  • Flutters x 20 (we did IC, because that’s how you count Flutters!)
  • Bear Crawl 30 yards
  • American Hammers x 20 (IC, because that’s how you count American Hammers!)

After 6 rounds we went to straight count to finish out the 9 sets before time was up. No time for MoM, but a quick ruck back to the parking lot and a rinse at the drinking fountain.

COR/NOR/COT: prayers for work / productivity / purpose — anxiety about upcoming vacations — anxiety about past vacations (waiting out incubation periods for rat-borne illnesses) — Noodles’ transfer application processing (and 2.0’s room) is taking longer than expected.

All things considered, these guys passed their “putting up with a crazy Q” test with flying colors. Sand does not make a workout more fun. But it does send you home with more genuine grit than you came with…


6.27.19 – New, Improved Operation Overlord

Now with more coupons!

6 PAX (Toolbox, Noodles, CATS, Banks, Archive, Crunch[QIC]) posted promptly for a Thursday Beatdown that was early, but certainly not gloomy. YHC had too much planned anyway, so we hit it hard and the time flew by. Inspired by the last rucking workout, the Q felt the need to up the ante with some coupons.

Warm-O-Rama (The Usual)

  • 7x Motivators
  • 10xIC Tin Soldiers
  • Burpee (Short)Mile – 12 Burpees x 4 around the island loop (.72 mi if you needed to know)

The Thang: Everyone’s Favorites

20 Min cycle of:

  • 50m Coupon Lunges
  • 50m Bears and Blocks
  • 25 American Hammers (w/ Coupon)
  • 50m Coupon Lunges
  • 50M Bears and Blocks
  • 25 Man-Makers

No time left for MoM or the Bucket Brigade up the hill. Mosey to the flag.

COR/NOR/COT: Prayers for traveling PAX — Noodles’ new hire and plans for transfer — new projects for Archive’s work.

I’ll be missing you guys being DR for the next three Saturdays. Hopefully after this workout, you won’t miss me as much!

6.24.19 – Ruck Mondays – 82nd Airborne

Two PAX (Noodles / Crunch) posted in the bright mid-summer “gloom” to start the week off right with the last of the GORUCK June workouts: the 82nd Airborne Workout. After waiting a respectful time (10 IC Tin-Soldiers) for any borderline fartsackers to race into the parking lot, they started out on their mile:

82nd Airborne:

8 rounds for time: (32 min)

  • 8 Shoulder Press
  • 20 Plank Pulls (10 per side)
  • 8 Ruck Swings
  • 200m Ruck (with added sandbag, optional)

With some extra time we moseyed to the hill for some bonus work (with the ruck on):

  • Hill Sprint
  • Bernie (sprint)
  • Bear Crawl

2 MoM:

  • American Hammer ICx20

NOR/COR/COT: prayers for hiring process at Noodles work and health for Noodles M (and baby) as they await the new arrival. — For a strong start to the week and good commitment from us and the other PAX in the group, that we would Get After It in work, home, and personal arenas. — For good preparation and safe travels for the Crunch household as they trek out to Colorado for a few weeks.


6.17.19 – The 101st Airborne

Three PAX (Banks, Crunch and Noodles rocking a new bag and plate(+5lbs!)) posted to take on the 101st Airborne workout (2 of 4 for June). The coolest day of the week made for a comfy rucking morning, and we got after it without a warm-up:

The 101st:

Done for Time: (~42min)
– 101 Thrusters
– 400m Ruck
– 101 Lunges
– 400m Ruck
– 101 Ruck High Pulls
– 400m Ruck
– 101 second Plank
– 400m Ruck

Done in cadence to keep the rhythm going, we made our way around the lake stopping at the quarter miles. Done with a few minutes to spare.

COR/NOR/COT: Lifting up health for Noodles’ M and baby as she’s heading into her third trimester. — productivity for the week ahead — prayers for safety and enthusiasm for the double-header F2 + Unity Ruck/F2 events Friday and Saturday.


Another Monday Ruck in the books. Definitely going to be stronger after this one. Need to work in more regular arm-exercises with the ruck.

6.15.19 – APFT Benchmarking

With YHC’s birthday coming up next week, and with the Army having it’s 244th birthday on Friday, it felt like the best possible time to try the Army Physical Fitness Test and get some numbers on the board. 8 PAX showed up to see how their present selves measured up against their future selves.

The Standard Open:

  • Motivators x7
  • Abe Vigoda IC x 20

The Main Event – APFT:

  • 2 minute AMRAP Push-ups
  • 2 minute AMRAP Sit-ups
  • 2 mile run

APFT June 2019 results:

Name – Push-ups / Sit-ups / 2 Mile time (Age / Army Scores = Total out of 300 possible)

  • Captain Crunch – 70 / 68 / 13:24+10sec penalty for shortcut (32 / 95 + 91 + 97 = 283)
  • Jazz Hands – 43 / 35 / 17:44 (32 / 67 + 52 + 87 = 206)
  • Skirt Chaser – 61 / 43 / 15:03 (36 / 86 + 61 + 84 = 234)
  • Archive – 80 / 70 / 15:06 (33 / 100 + 93 + 84 = 277)
  • CATS – 20 / 19 / 21:47 (31 / 40 + 33 + 8 = 81)
  • Noodles – 46 / 24 / 19:09 (39 / 72 + 45 + 52 = 169)
  • Hurt Locker – 69 / 66 / 16:14 (41 / 96 + 89 + 77 = 262)
  • Banks – 74 / 69 / 16:14 (37 / 100 + 93 + 77 = 270)

Overall assessment – Not bad F3 Wheaton, but there is more core and cardio in our future…

The Closer:

  • American Hammer with Coupons, while Captain Crunch did his penalty Blockees for bypassing the parking lot detour on his first mile. (If you can’t do it, don’t Q it, man!)

COR / NOR / COT: Prayers for continued growth as individuals and as a group, for support and strength, that we can help the people around us be their best selves and make the world a better, healthier place for our presence in it — Lifting up Jazz Hands and his M and 2.0s in the midst of a season of transition on all sides.


MOLESKIN: Today I was really impressed by the grit on display by all these men, giving what they had in them to bust through, arms shaking, joints complaining. 100% completion. And we have the future APFT to look forward to. A lot of newer PAX here have done less than two months of F3. This was a great day to have in the books to look back to.

Doing the Goruck June challenge has really driven home for me that improvement comes from consistent application over time. To get the mileage in, I have been rucking almost every day, and I have seen steady strength and speed increases that I wouldn’t have had or wouldn’t have noticed without trying to accomplish the same thing again and again, day after day. To any PAX reading this, what is the thing you want to be better at? Do it at least every other day, preferably every day. Measure successes and failures. It will improve. Embrace the Suck.

6.10.19 – 75th Anniversary Ruck

3 PAX – Archive, Noodles, and Crunch (QIC)

A warm but windy day kept the bugs down and the PAX ready to get moving. Short simple and to the point on this one:

1 Mile (AFAP without running)
75 Ruck-Squats
75 Merkins
75 Ruck Deadlifts
75 Overhand Press
1 Mile (AFAP, try to hold the previous mile’s pace)

A good brisk pace, holding right around 15 minutes for both miles. Split the sets into 25×3 and repped them out. Looking forward to the Airborne challenge next week. Prayers for a good start to the week and getting after it on work challenges, interviews, and discipline.

6.3.19 – The Ruck 5k *With Friends!*

Our Monday Rucking Squad (4 PAX strong at Noodles, Hoser, Archive and Crunch(QIC)–and almost Toolbox!) was greeted with some pleasantly bug-free 50 degree weather as we met up and got down to it. The Challenge: get 3 miles in between 5:30-6:15. Short, simple, but not easy. A few imperial walkers and butt kicks and we were off!

We were hovering right around it the whole time, with the need for a prompt work-friendly exit as our motivation. Ultimately just missing the mark at about 47 min total. A solid start to June’s mileage heavy D-Day challenge, but plenty more miles to come!

With reaching the finish-line a few minutes overtime we even peaced out without a COT (or selfie!!) Your hasty Q offered up TAPS on his way home, but some penalties are probably in order…

Well done, HIMs. Next week, the D-Day 75 Anniversary PT workout!

6.1.19 -No PAX Left Behind

Another sunny blue-sky morning greeted YHC as he attempted to accomplish far too many tasks in the hour before making it to the AO to Q. All of which might have been fine if the Cosley Zoo 5K/10K had not just locked down all parking at the AO, forcing a short EC run in on everyone. Despite all, we had a mostly prompt attendance of five PAX (with 2 FNGs!) and we got down to business.

The Standard:

  • Motivators x7
  • Abe Vigodas ICx15

Tortise and the Hare: PAX partner up, Partner #1 moseys the coupon down the trail while Partner #2 does the called exercise, then runs to catch P1. Flapjack, each PAX completing one set of the exercises until the loop around the lake is complete.

  • 5 Burpees / 10 Outlaws / 15 merkins / 20 Big Boy Sit-ups / 25 Squats

The Half-Millennial: PAX do AMRAP until one PAX reaches 50 reps, then run to the top/bottom of the hill and complete 50 reps of the next exercise. Continue until 10 exercises 500 reps + 500 yards is completed.

  • merkins
  • plank-jacks
  • smurf-jacks
  • squats
  • arm circles
  • monkey humpers
  • shoulder taps
  • american hammers
  • burpees

Mosey back to the flag for some Hell-o’-Dolly:

  • Low Dolly ICx25
  • High Dolly ICx25
  • 45-degree Dolly ICx25

NOR/COR/COT – Welcomed both FNG-Panadero and FNG-Toolbox! Prayers for health for the group and esp. for M. Noodles moving into third trimester with her first baby. Prayers for the group and it’s momentum and growth, that we would continue to reach men and build them up to lead and to serve.

5.27.19 – Memorial Day Recon Rucking

It mercifully cooled overnight to 55 degrees, but it was still a warm, buggy day for a good long walk. Archive arrived home from vacation and Noodles signed up for an epic start to Week #2 of his new F3/rucking life. For YHC, this was the final workout of the “Honoring Service” Goruck Monthly challenge for May. The plan was simple:

  • 2min push-up test
  • 2min sit-up test
  • 12 mi ruck

We met in the early light at AO-Mastodon and did the PT test at the WWI monument. Then it was rucks on and a 5:38 start on our journey.

Image from iOS (8)

From there it was fairly even and straight ground. Some good conversation on the trail. A few mosquito valleys, a break at mile 6 for powerbars and blister prevention. It was interesting coming at some familiar landmarks in Winfield and West Chicago from an unfamiliar angle. The second half was more of a straight shot trail with the occasional road crossing between West Chicago and Geneva. We did get in some good Scout Runs to keep the pace up for Mile 9 past the airport.


For the final stretch, shoulders and legs and feet ached, but the end felt near as we headed into downtown. Crossing the river we spotted and were spotted by Mrs. Crunch and the Crunch 2.0s. Despite our ENDEX breakfast location being a longer wait than we felt like waiting, I have never been so glad to see Geneva before!

Kudos to Noodles, putting up with some crazy long-legged folks and Crunch’s urge to never slow down. We made Geneva by 9:12. Definitely a worthy distance and worth repeating some other time with some more compatriots, we’ll see how the recovery goes.